January 30 1873

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 Sender: N. Emmett Graves
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


School House Station Jan 30 73

Cousin Mollie

Your acknowledge

ment of the receipt of the hat.

Am very glad it pleased

you. I know it could not have
been otherwise with Ma as
your agent. Of course Mrs
Goodwin is or was a little
envious at the magnifficent
appearance of your importation.

From Mas description I

know it was fine. I did not
see it myself. We have had
splendid weather this winter no
rain of any account since
Christmas, until today, it
showering every few minutes
from the north. There is
no school today & Frazz is at
home & Judge Wheeler’s son is
with him. As they cant
get out doors, they are popping
corn for ammusment.

A month ago Ma was

as well, as she had ever been in
the country, when one night she
had a slight congestion of one
lung, since which time she
has been ailing, although not
complaing any today.

The Children are not

going to school, the treasury
being empty, and you know
the school marms will not work
without play, or rather on tick.

I am helping Pa plant

spuds, rather a hightoned
business for a man of my
expectations. We have about
fifty sacks planted & seventy
moore to plant. I wrote
to uncle Davis after I came
home but have not had the
honor of hearing from him
yet. Please ask him to
send me any letters there may
be in the office for me, and tell
him I should like exceedingly
well to hear from him and
know the news. By the way
I have been feasting on fresh
fish ever since I came down.
I wish you all had a bushel
of fresh herring. Ma had a
letter from Aunt Patsy a short
time ago, she will answer it before
long. With regards to
all I remain

yours &c
N. Emmett Graves

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