January 30 1878

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

january the 30th 1878

My Dear dear Husband,
This is wensday night, one week

tomorrow since I received yours, Mas and Robs letter, as a
general think I answer your letters the next day, after getting
them. I am always so anxious to hear again But Julia
was on the eve of leaveing, and we were fixing her off
She is now living in Jefferson ville Indianna across from
Louisville he has ben called to take charge of a
church thare, gets a sallerie of one thousan a year,
we received a letter, or I did, from Brother Stafford
yesterday, the members had her carpets all down, furniture
aranged, and dinner all ready when she got thare
and had put lots of groceries thare also for them
she says she is so nicely fixed, but had rather be
with sister Mollie while she is in Ky and thinks it
sad that we will probally never be the old home
together again. we have enjoyed our visit, but yet
Papa being away from us so far, would at times make
Mama gloomie, You speak of not being well, I fear
you & Rob were exposed moveing out driving could
not protect yourselves take good care of yourself
and try doctering some for you complain I hope
comfortable, and our little ones can chase bad
feelings away. I feel that they will need you and
I a number of years yet, ere they will be able to cope with
the world, the reason I wrote as though I would come
home in winter I felt uneasy about scarlet fever,
thare had ben several deaths from it in town, but
at present I believe there is only one or two light cases
in town. I make Morgan play about home, am very
carefull whare he goes, take every precaution to keep
them from taking cold and keep them well, they
are all well now. Birdie is asleep Morgie & Mollie are
at my table amusing themselves with a little box of
paints, but to night how we should like to see Dear
Papa, Morgin says tell, or ask Granpa if he can
ride in that boat with our turning over. I think
I will take the chidlren and go out to Aunt Lizzie
Moores I did not want to go while Julia was
here, tell Ma I will answer her letter when I
come back from thare, and tell Bob I think
just as much of him as the rest of My Bro & Sisters
but I had to just make him mad a little
to get him to write to me, and I will answer
his letter ere long, tell Bob I dont think him
a bit selfish for I have never forgotten when
a letter Bob like Morgie, he could never eat
any think nice he had, unless he had divided
with us all, but had to scold because he would
not write. Bring 5 little ones here they have to take
truns who shall eat first, and to night they want
me to tell Pa & Granma to have a long table
so they will not have to wait when they come home
Mattie says tell Papa that it will will take a pretty long
table for this teaset. Papa did not give his opinion
about all of his family being murphyites except toots
I heard from my old Lady she expects to come with
me, consider I am for tunate to have found one
I shall start from Brother Staffords as he can
assist in getting my ticket in Louisville. You say
when we come that we can go and see aunt Jane
after traveling so far & long we would be to dirty
to go in on her, unless we could first get a room
and clean up some, eating to sleeping with little
children, one gets pretty dirty. I will make it my busness
to ask Sam about the boy Jan speak of. Is thare a
school near for our children Morgie & Mattie are both
large enough now, tell Rob Morgie wants to take a
hunt with him, see what he can kill. The new court
House is about complete and a very lonsome
structure, all of Main street looks so fine, city
like, the new town clock began yesterday, for the
first time to peal out the hours, they have a
very large fire bell. I am so glad to hear that
my flowers are moved with so little damage. I
gathered some oaker seed, out of sister Fannie’s
garden last year, wish you all had them, she
also raises the vegtable oyster, Ma & Sisters
seeme to regret the time, is comeing when we
shall have to leave them, say now that they
know the children, they will want to see us
worse than ever; and we shall feel very badly, get
we also have other dear tes Fannie & Lee jenkins make
a great fuss over toots every timet hey come, or she
goes. thare, but I have not taken her out this winter
much all of January has been rather rainy about
the first part we had several day that were very
cold 18 degrees below zero that is the only
very cold wather we have had I disrember whether
I wrote you of Bob Neals wedding, he and her
will be at Aunt Ell’s in a few days again, he
came very near getting killed beofre he was married
and has never recovered the shock, he received, some
little Boys frightened a horse he was driveing was
throwne from the buggie, picked up insensible he
has a large church in Louisville but the Dr’s tell
him that he must quit preaching for a while, fear
they may have to operate on his head yet. I have
heard him in the Murphies meeting he is so talented
married his wife in L___her father is a cousin of
Professor buckers, I like her so much, Bob ought to
see his name sake Bob Stafford he is so sweet, looks
a great deal like our little Jimmie she has two sweet
children but the babies want Mama to come to bed
and read to them, this Ma here, says tell the Ma
out there that if the boys can only make money
for them selves, she will feel gratified, that Cal

would be a long vass for her to come. Mr H– be kind to Rob as you

[upside down]
have already ben, hope the day will come when your

kindness will be returned. You have ltos to do and
I know he will assit you. Love to all. I will write to others
may all be spared to meet again.

[upside down]
ere long and a Prayer for Papa’s welfare, we

affec your wife Mollie

write very soon M.

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