July 18 1878

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

at the old Tom Allen place–
Sully Diver Wallace & mag Prelcharts
this got of July 1878

My Dear Husband,        I have not had
a letter for some time from any of you
nether have I written. I have not been
in Georgetown for two months or more
I have been going a round a mong the
kin & every body is verry busy harvesting
I did not get to see Moore until I went
to Bryens he came over one evening &
stayed tel bed time. I know it was
at Lizs suggestion he was verry cool
but invited me to see him I did not
go while in that neighborhood. the mo
ing I left Bryans I was him as I
prassed a long the road & told him I wou
ld like to have a talk with him &
asked him to come down to Sally Adams
he told me to come there. so I went & stayed
one week & him & Liz went last Sunday
with me to Eliza Coyls & stayed all day I
did not ask him to go it was there own poor
I can get nothing by law so I
am trying to work the matter the
best way I can. I asked him if he did
not think it nothing but right that
he would give back to me what he
got by him, he said it was not law
& if he did that that all of the brother
& sisters children would be entitled to
it as much as I would be he said he
would see me a gain a bout it so I
do not know whether he will do any thing
or not. I want you to send me money
as quick as possible to go home on shorlo?
I not get any from there Send me a hundred
& fifty dollars in case I do not succeed in
my under taking I sometimes think he [rente?]
try to keep out of my sight but he shod
not do that I stil think I will get some
thing out of him, but it takes time & a
great deal of management I am getting
verry anxious to see you all & get home
but as long as I have any hope of doing any
thing I will not give up. I have so much
to tell you that I am anxious to get home
they have all been verry kind to me but
I have under taken a big job for one
of my age, but I am determined to leave
nothing untried & by the time you
can get the money here I will know
whether I can do any thing or no. I have
been travling a round from one place
to an other visiting the kin until I am
worn out & want rest. Sally Adams
has her horse & Rackaway & takes me
a round a good deal, how are you
all doing do let me know here
you are & how situated. write imme
diately & tell me how Mollie is getting
a long & the prescious little ones
give my love to all & direct your
letters to Georgetown. I remain
your loving wife. M Haun–

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