July 20 1884

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 Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Owingsville Ky

July 20th 1884

Dear Mollie

I am still

here, I suppose ere this you have
received my letter telling you
I was at Julias, but I had no
idea of staying so long when I
come, but Julia is expecting an
increase in her family this mon
th and she was anxious for me
to stay, and I did not like to
leave her, although it was hard
on Dora to be so confined at
Home, and your Pa thinks its
no home without me he came
up last week, an Thursday and
stayed till monday, said he was
not going home without me,
but I told him I thought he
could stand it a little while longer

and I would promise not to leave
him any more not even to go
to California if I went he would
have to go with me, I received
last week a letter from Rob he
was at Chico, censure me for sending
letters in Papers, the Post master had
opened a Package directed to him, after
it had lain in the Office some 2 mo
said he thought he had left the place
I wrote to Rob told him I thought
there was not much harm done
the government had robbed us of a
good deal, but I would promise to
do so no more ot him, but as I have
2 Papers to send will venture this
to you, catching before Hanging–
Fannie writes me word Doras kitch
en is a model of neatness say nothing
of the House and the yard fall of
Flowers I had them all planted before
I left Fannie Thinks she will come
up soon I want her to come and go
to the spring, I am home sick, our
Love to all affectionately your Ma

[upside down]
get Mattie to write if you cant

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