July 23 1883

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 Sender: MM Doyle
Senders Location: Paris, KY
Recipient: [unknown]
Recipients Location: [unknown]

Paris Ky. July 23 / [83]

My dear Mary,
Your letter came
to me too late to send for the
scarf. I have been up in the
mountains all the summer so
far and as you will be going
back by the first of August, I
thought it would not do to write
to San Francisco as you would not
get it. If the Lord spares us
next Summer write do and I hope
you may be located there by that
time. I will give you a letter of
introduction to Mr. Murphy
when you go down again he is
a wealthy man and perhaps he
can use his influence for you, he
is now in London for his daughter
is to be married soon to some
Lord. If San Francisco was your
home I would make an effort to
go there we could room together
and I presume board is as
cheap there as here. do try and
get a position in the city and
not bury yourself in that little
mountain where you have no
church nor Catholic society.
I think it dreadful to be so long
without attending church, I hope
your teeth will not give you any
more trouble. there is no pain like a
tooth ache it makes me sick
all over. I am more than thank
ful to you for the trouble you put
yourself to in trying to get the
scarf. I think it strange you
do not hear from Mackie If
she and Jane are on friendly
terms, she should not neglect
her only Sister who is dearer to
her than an  Aunt. I can not
understand how relations can live
that way. I hope Mack is not sick
and If she is I would think her hus
band would write to you. I would
suppose Water would know something
of her, you must have had a pleas
ant visit with the Sisters. I enjoy
myself so much with them twins
now I am going to Cincinnati on
a day visit to the Sisters and
to the Mother Brants, you must
have a glorious time with your
country relations. Lord deliver me
from such. I find it better to live
among strangers when I went to
California I thought of making
it my home, I I always liked
Jane when she was a girl, but she
is not the same person, or if she is
I never knew her. I could not live
in a house where there is much
quarling and contention. I must
and will have peace. I met your
Aunt Cath, Kate, and Mr Dewey when
I was there. Mr Dewey is a nice man.
I hear Ammit is in Idaho I do not
think he has been successful in business.
dear Mary I am sorry your life
has been so hard and dreary how Jane
could find it in her heart to treat orphans
and her her own Brothers children unkindly
I do not understand what she is
made of for Mollie must have a time with
Patsy. don’t you live with a mother in
law. you and I better get together in
San Francisco, do you think we could
live in peace as Catholics we could I
think. but I must say I have been
treated worse by Catholic than any one.
give my ,love to all who remember me
and write me all the news of your
dear self and of your future plans
I hope your visit to Santa Cruis has be
been of benefit to you. tell Mollie she
has forgotten to write. I hope you will
excuse this miserable pen and write
often your letters give me so much pleasure
send Photo. Every your loving cousin

M.M. Doyle

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