July 26 1891

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Sender: Mary
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]

July 26, 1891

My Dear Cousin Mollie–

I ought not to write to

you because you already owe
me two letters and you do
not deserve any further credit
from me. But I have al
ways had a weakness for you
so will try this once more
No doubt you have heard
of my marraige. April 16
in Stockton, at the residence
of Minnie Haun, Walters widow
I was married to DR willard
Newton Smart. He is nine
years older than I, has a
handsome face and a very
sweet, lovable disposition.
He stands very high in medical
circles in fact was pres
ident of the Souther Calif
ornia Medical Association.
Owing to recent misfortunes he
is not very well off at pres
ent but with his ability
and integrity I have no doubt
that as soon as he gets a
foothold here in Denver that
he will more than recover
what he was lost.

In looking for a loca

tion we visited a great many
places. The most important
were Helea, Montana
and Salt Lake City Untah
Finally we decided to remain
here. Denver is a beautiful
city, nearly all the buildings
are of brick and stone
Handsome trees line the
streets and beautiful lawns
abound. The population
numbers about one hun-
hundred and fifty thousand
I decided last summer after
my tip east and to Europe
that California was the gem
of the world. I know there
is not other place in which
I care so much to live. Al
though Dr Smart was
there less than five years
he feels nearly as much at
tached to the Golden state
as I do.

That are Mattie and Mor

gan doing. I am greatly intersted
in both of them and their pros-
perity. Birdie must be almost
a young lady now and beautiful
I know. Give my love to
Cousin John. I should like
very much to go to Quincy
for a couple of weeks next
summer but it is so far
from here that perhaps it
will be out of the question
I should be so happy to
see you all. I have intend
ed to write to Mattie Good
win for the last three wonths
but have been traveling
around so much that
corresponding has been
difficult My marriage
was quite a sudden affair
I knew Dr Smart a year
and a half For three or
four months he had been
decidedly loverlike. He was
preparing to leave San Diego
was settling up his business
and almost ready to go
when she came to me and
wished me to marry him
at once and go with him.
I objected that we were not
engaged. He said he did
not care to be engaged
he wished to be married
there were many difficulties

to be overcome but he
overseled them all and
with only a few days
preparation, I resigned
my school and did the
deed. I had no time to in
form my friends or get
more than a hastily made
traveling dress. But as I
had five nice dresses, two
beautiful wrappers and
a lot of dainty underclothes
trimmed with lace and
ribbons which I had
brought from Paris and
which had scarcely been
worn at all, I got along
very well indeed. I send
you a piece of my wedding
dress. It is trimmed with
real chiney lave. It is
the most becoming dress
I ever had to both face
and figure. Everything
I wore came from Paris.
Dr. is waiting for me
so I must close. If
there is any thing you
care to know that
I have not told you
just ask. I should
like to hear from you
soon but alas! I fear.


Mary Haun Smart
1411 Stout St
Denver, Colo.


July 28
330 PM

Mrs. J.J. Haun
Plumas Co.,

[calling card]

Mrs W.N. Smart


[calling card]

W.N. Smart, M.D.
Diseases of Eye, Ear, Throat AND Nose,
Bet. 14th & 15th Sts.    Denver, Colorado.

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