July 27 1885

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Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

July 27th 1885

My Dear Children
It seems
a long since we heard from you
hope all are well, your last Letter has
got misplaced, so that I cannot refer to
it for the date, but I think you sent me
one from Rob enclosed, I suppose you received
the Letter I wrote to Rob for you to direct
at this writting our families are in their
usual health, some aches and Pains occasio
nally among them, such as is comon to man
last week Julia had a bad spell of Neurolgy
in the Head proceeding from bad teeth
Jasper says he is going to have them all
taken out, the Baby is teething makes him
fretful, they have a good Old Black Woman
to do the work, your Pa and I staid there last
night Jasper being away, Julia has a nice
Cool Place, it is Refreshing to go up there
After the hot dry days we are now having
Vegetation is all drying up, and our beau
tiful Blue Grass Pastures have assumed the
colour of Gold. Our Cistern is dry consequently
we are buying Water by the Barrel, and
my Flower yard is not so Pretty as usual
Our Vines are loaded with Grapes and
we have some fine Plambs, I am raising
a California Guard it is now over 2 feet
long and still growing it seems to take
all the strength of the vine to support 2
Goards, others form but they soon perish
Fannie and her Boys with Charlie all
went to camp meeting at High Bridge
on yesterday, they hold me there every
year, and there is Excursion trains run
at redwood rates, quite a number rent
cottages and stay all the time 8 or 10 days
Dora with her Children took a little
recreation on the 4 of July in Lexington
there was a grand display of fire works
Boot racing, and various other Amusements
at Ashland Park, Old Henry Clays residence
Charly Neal is keeping House there
and Dora diveded her time his him
Lou Hidd, and Mr Hickeys relations
she only stayed 3 days, left Beatty there
to stay a few days longer and then 2 of
Lous Children came home with her
and staid a week, the Children had fine
sport, took 2 fishing excursions in the
Ice Waggon, Harry the biggest among them
had Morgan, Mattie, Birdie, and Robert David
been among them the crowd would have
then been complete. Next week the slate
Meeting of the Christian Church is to
be held here and quite a number of
Preachers and Delegates are expected, great
preparations are making among the sisters
to entertain them, Julia Lemon applied to
me to take a Preacher and his Wife, but
it was no go, we have only one spare room
and expect some of our friends Dora has
bought some fine Lace Curtains for the
Parlor and a nice hanging Lamp
She has the Pride of the Family
Dora has been kept very busy all summer
and is still busy, Goods are cheap, nice
Lawn at 5 cts per yard, she made Fannie
a black and White Lawn suit trimed
with broad White Lace last week–
A Letter from you Aunt Sarah says
all are well Mary Lakin is in Luck she
is Traveling with a Lady for company who
pays all expenses and gives her $1-50 per
weeks extra, the Lady hardly knows her
wealth, they were at Saratoga last accounts
Ana Winters as was has written for Dora
to come and spend the ballance of the
Summer with her, she has only 8 children
4 girls and 4 boys, she lives in Franklin
on a nice farm, well to do, Dora has visited
her 2 years ago. Mr Miller has been dangerously
ill with Hemorage of the Kidneys
Sis wrote me word she had to work night
and day to keep life in him and not yet out
of danger, hoping to hear from you and
Rob soon and that all are well, I close
by sending our united Love to all
your affectionate Ma
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