July 3 1894

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Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]

July 3rd 1894

My Dear Mollie, Mattie and


Tis with a Painful and sad heart
I pen these few lines to you, to
let you know that your Dear
Afficted Sister, and Aunt, has
this morning put up a Package
to go by mail for the two girls
A couple of our Dear Beloved Beatie
nicest summer Dresses, the Silk for
Mattie, and the White for Birdie
Dresses she looked os nice and sweet
in them, and her own dear fingers
help to make them, before going to
Louisville she folded up the Silk
nicely and put it away in one of
her Drawers little thinking she never
would wear it again, I how Uncertain
is Life, your Dear Sisters Only
Daughter, her companion, her room mate
her bed fellow, her all, just arrived at
twenty one, so Lovely, so amiable, mild
in her disposition kind and affectio
nate in her manners, a good and
truce Christian to know her was to
Love her, she is gone and left us
Solitary and alone, she has paid
the debt we all have to pay
sooner or Later, O that we all may
be prepared to meet her in another
and better world where there shall
be no more parting Pain nor Death
It pained my heart to see the
Package leave the House to go such
a long distance for fear you might
never receive it, but I hope and pray
you may, I know you will Value
them, Dora felt as though she
would rather your Girls have them
than any one else. She gave Harrie

Wife her nice Winter dress

she had just made to wear to
Louisville, The Dear Child made
no request, only enjoined on her
Uncle Rob to be a Christian.
Dora has had her Portrait Painted
by an Artist in Lexington, it looks
very much like her every one says
that has seen it, also a memorial
written by a Friend and Famed
with her Photograph in the center
and a Lock of her Hair braided
and made in a bow, I wish you
coould all see them, her Flowers
she loved so well are
blooming nicely in the yard, her
mother takes a basket full every
week and lays them on her Grave
my hand trembles I must stop
this mornful subject
Fannie and Rob has just returned
from a visit to Laranbury
to see Jim Jinkins and Wife
Fannie likes her very well in the
short acquaintance she has had
with her she is quite a business girl
has a good Education assists Jim
with his books. The rest of the
Families are generally all well
Accept the love of the entire
Family as ever your Devoted


We shall anxiously wait to
hear from you                      Mother

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