July 4 1890

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Sender: J.A. Graves
Sender Location: Alhambra, CA
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]



July 4th 90

Dear Cousin John:
Yesterday I
received a letter from
Uncle Sam informing me of
the death of your beloved
father. From my own [naws?]
experience I fully realize how
sad the blow is to all of
you. He was a great
old man. honest and in
dustrious as the day is long
always a kind husband and
father he never shirked a
responsibility or ceased to
struggle for the common good
of this family.
One by one, the loved ones
are going leaving us the running
of their devotion for us
gives well on so rapidly
that it will not be long
before we too must yield
to natures calls and leav
our children to take our
places. It is doubtful if any
of us much [read?] priceways
age. I’m very bad I do not
want to. I preform to
the mountain as high fusome
while I can and [illegible] go
to pices before I love way
fomer of strongly battling
with the wared
To all of us life is free
of trouble, Her sumers are
eternal. They are seen with
us. when we are awake
we much think. When we
sleep, douts trouble us. Our
days are fleeting, bide a
Summers day. where we
strived traid the grows of
or loved ones. we know that
they are at rest. pa the grain
peace [illegible]
Thier may be [illegible]
try and the grain but I am
satisfied there can be no
The very last letter from
your father, he expressed
himself as reconciled to an
early death. He felt that he
had [illegible] his [illegible] and was
ready to go of there is an
eternal life. although he did
not practiss the outward form
of religion. he has still gone
If God reward anyone I
broken be reward the past the
branch the faithful workers for
them award them. Way [illegible]
our reward be as clear as
his when my leave comes
Please return tiy men
good wife and  llem of
your children old enough to
appreciate ther lars my
sincere sympathy [illegible]
Your affectionate Cousin
J.A. Graves

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