July 8 1889

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Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Monday July 8th 1889

    My Dear Mollie

Your letter of June 9th has been
received, so glad to get such a good
Long letter letter from my Dear
Absent child and to hear all was
well, and also to hear from my
Dear Boy from me who had seen
him and been with him, and to
hear that he was looking well
and had plenty to do, what can
be his object in renting a house
and digging a cellar under it
do you suppose he is going to
keep Batchlors Hall or is it only
for Shop Purposes, O how I do wish
Rob would write us a good long
Letter and let us know what he
is doing and how he is getting along
I think about him so much and
try to Pray for him that he
may be kept from the many
snares and temptations of a wic
ked World, that he may do noth
ing to bring a disgrace upon
himself or his Family, I think of
him as one alone, with no one
to care or do for him, no one to
Love him, but he evedently shows
by his actions that he has no love
for Home or kindred, he has stayed
away so long, that we are as stran
gers to him, but a Mothers love
never grows cold. Your Pa and I
are getting most to old to work
and we need a rest, could we only
arange it to make you a visit
I feel like as Old as we are I
would almost be willing to make
the attempt, almost as cheap to
travel as to stay at Home, could
we meet with an Excursion
going your way no telling what we
might do. Thanks to Morgan for
his picture, he is looking quite man
ly, and we judge he is much stou
ter and Larger than his Pa, glad
to hear your Girls are such a help
to you, I Pray they may continue
to be both a help and a blessing
tell Mattie and Birdie not to cut
the simpleton and marrie before
they make another trip to Kentu
cky, Beaty and Harrie, Joe Jenkins
are now about grown and they
could all have a jolly time toge
ther, Beaty is now in Lexington
spending a week or so, expect her
and Harry down this week, Harry
us coming down to do some work
for a Lady, such as hanging Window
shades, and asist in putting down
fine carpets. Charlie is now away
from Home for several weeks at the
Catholic Church at the While Sulpher
Neighborhood about 5 or 6 hundred
dollars worth of work to be done on it
he took 3 men besides himself to work
they came Home of a Saturday
Charlie done about 1 hundred dollars worth
work for the sisters down there
they have a fine School there so
much pleased with Charlies work
so you see our family is reduced to 3–
Fannie was up this morning all are
well, Mrs Jinkins says tell Mollie
I am not so jokey as when she used to
see me to full of aches and Pains sends
her love to John and family. Julia is
in her new Home but not enjoying
it as she would like, the 3 youngest
Children has had the measels and
Hooping cough 1 of them real bad, and
she has had all of her teeth taken
out with the exception of 2 to be taken
out this evening. Dora had a nice visit
at Anna Winters, she is now very
busy making Dresses. Our Flower yard
is looking so pretty. have plenty of vegatables
grapes, plums, peaches Our love to all your Loving Mother

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