June 11 1894

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Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Sunday Eve

June 11th 1894

My Dear Mollie John and Children

After a long

Silence I resume my Pen to drop you
a few lines, knowing your anxiety to
hear something from your old Kentucky
Home, at this writting we are all well
but your Pa and I begin to feel the
Infermities of Age, we cannot stand
what we used to some years ago a little
work tires us, but we are thankful I trust
that we are as well as we are, many
at our Age are helpless invalids–
This is convenient day and the
Town is all astir and will be all the
week, the closing Excersises of the Coll
ege and Seminary, the Dedication of
the New College, A great many Visitors
is expected and ample preparations
have been made for all. Dora with
One Lady to help her finished the
Uniform yesterday, they made 21
Dresses of Dotted Swiss, Fannie worked
some of the button holes for her, I am
glad she is through for its so lonely
when she is away, now our Dear Beatty
is gone Dora is leaving her Picture in
large and part in colours it will cost
her $25 from and all if she likes it
the Artist sent for her last week to
come to Lexington and see if she liked
it, she will got up this week, she has
not sent those things to the Gils
yet but will soon now her hurry is
over, I suppose Mattie has returned
Home ere this and probable at her
School, when our Children grow up
and begin to Scatter, them it is our
trouble and anxiety of mind increases
I hope none of your Children will
leave you to go so far as mine has
done, But such is Life, June 10th Dora
and Fannie have gone to the cemetary
put them up a small House and
are all living in it. heard from
Julia last week all were well–
Rob and Charlie seem to get plen
ty of work, have gone to the
Country to day, Charlies family all
well Rob seems to be very well
satisfied, I till him not to spend
more in the family than would
pay his board, but I know he does
for your Pa can do but little, and
we are dependant on him and
Dora, it was a Gold send he came
home when he did, he is so good
to stay about home, seems to take
our interest in fixing up the place,
has bought him a second hand
Buggy and Painted and fixed it
up, I tell him he ought to write
to you, but like me he keeps putting
it off, I must close by sending
our united Love to you all
as ever your devoted and affectionate
Mother and Gran ma–

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