June 1884

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 Sender: John J Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Martha Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

P.S. have had no news from
Rob or Moly if any cours will
send them to you. does Jasper take
the times if not will send therm

WELLS & McGUIRE, Proprietors,
Georgetown, Ky., June 1884

To my Dear Mother
this is Sunday night and I have
just got home. Pa & the rest of
the folk have retired. I supose
you had begun to think that none
of us intended to write but I
thought Dora had written and
we have been in the country
all the time thought of course
she would write but when
I came in last night she said
she had not wrote a line so
I will try and do so and tell
you all the news, Every thing
is going on smoothly around the
house. but our family has some
what diminished since you left
when we started for the country
we tunneled the cats all in to a
sack and got rid of them so you
see there is 4 borders gone and
when we were a way so you see we
had quite an easy time of it the
comencement passed off verry nice
indeed but was a verry slim affair
to what we usto have I worked all
the time up to Thursday only lost one
day and got trid of it then had
no company at home will tell you
some news Pa has had some slow stops
fixed leading up to the cistern but
we still have the Front Doore out
at the back one yet Pherupsou was
up and took the measure of it but
that was the last of him every
thing is going nicely in the garden
and the flowers are looking splended
have not had any whitewashing down
yet it has been raining nearly all the
week intefered some little with
our work would have finished
saturday only liked a few hours
work. Pa was in Lex last monday
went to see about that business did not
hear him say what he done he
was out to see Eld white to day
will and his wife are here from
masuro. Pa has just had one of his
talking spells had to stop and give
him a shaking. I took dinner
with tanney to day how have you
been. I hope you are not still bothered
with your face how is all the folks
give way love to all of them. Pa received
both of your letters. (Sam Shepard) has made
an assignment. sorry for him poor fellow. the
methodist had a supper during the case in

Mr Hall of the court House [dout?] very well. I supose you with that
I am bording at the hotell but I am not didnt have any paper

[upside down]
so went up street and this is all I could

find and now as it is getting late will draw to a close
hoping you will all be well son [illegible] judge I say to pick me out a
nice girl up there. well will say good night I remain your son

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