June 22 1877

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: KY
Recipient: John J Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA


Friday June 22th 1877

Dear Husband

One month yesterday since I left Quin

cy and I have not heard a word from You. we got a
letter from Rob answered it this morning, suppose you have
heard from us all the time. Your Unckle Moore took
dinner with us on Monday Court day, said Lizzie
Ward little Nora staid in Reno the same night
that we were thare, or got thare at 12 we left at
3 in the morning suppose Rob and her must have
gone to Virginia on the same train, Unckle Moore
seems to me, to be a very pleasant man, said he was
going to bring your Aunt Lizzie in to see us, and
Lizzie children, the children It was not at home when
he came shied around him would not shake hands
he said it reminded him of you, said you did
just so when little, could not see much resemblance
of you in them, but that Mattie looked just like
Jim, as he called Your Pa. Birdie is now on the
floor marking with a led pencil. Morgie & Moattie
have just come in from sister Fannie’s she was up
last night, Morgie must go home with joe, and as
Mattie must do the same, she went also and slept
with her Aunt Fannie, she has staid twice with
her. Joe & Morie are inserable, have just come in I
ask him what I must tell Pa for him, if he
wanted to go back to Quincy to live, he said
tell Papa when I get big I am going to
Brother Reves the methodist pastor, and sister moody
Stevenson, called to see me yesterday, and congratulate
sister Burns on the reunion of her family again
we expect Brother Stafford today he has bought
a potion of his Pa’s farm he own 600 ackers
on the short line railroad. Dora has too beautiful
children. Mollie wore her clothes untill we could
make her some, we dont come much nearer me
stgles thare, than the African in hsi jungles
the suit we got Morgie thare for 9 dollars
I could get him three here for, the same, it
was shaddy Fannie Dora & I are making him
a black summer suit, Fannie is an expert
on boys clothes, for every day are making him linen
cotten ades, wash goods, tell their Grampa, Matties
money she bought a ltitle, Hat fan and parysol
Birdie has hers yet. I am haveing my black
dress made paid 8 dollars for trimings consisting
of black fringe, which is the fashion here
lining buttons braid faceings & dont know untill
some what they charge for makeing Mrs Lucas says
they dont charge over 7 or 8 dollars and thare is
lots of work on them & Mag Storie Ana
Rholen called on me Dave Adams wife I seen
at the comencement, the she said she was comeing to
see me, I seen Jessie Webb the other day, his Ma
is crippled from a fall, and sent me word
to come and see her, Young Bob Nutter lives

in town, he has passed twice since I came but
they say he dont know any thing outsid the
almighty dolls. The new fire enjine arrived last
night for which the town pays four thousand
dollars [lty?] would not assist so I suppose the foxes
can consume the county at pleasure if comenced
the new marble fants up street are beautifull
thare are three beautifull houses on the Lexing
ton hull ofsite the Cemetry. johnnie Bell & Mr
Clackner and a Lover Pain’s. Mrs Ann E West since
the death of her husband has gone home with
Billie Sentry to Richmond, and will spend
the winter in memphis with Cate, General Pratt
has advertised his House for sale is too old
now for burney looks so anchint. I have written
you a long letter and can not tell you
half I wish. we all walked to the spring
told the children whare you use to live
their little feet now tread in the old Lands
of their Pa, granparents, took them to the Leeve
the colored lights pleased them so much, Pa
carried Birdie in his arms, she would say when
the Band comenced, Papa band. Mattie
was delighted with the beautifull Ladies
the evergreens were filled, with lights of all
colors. I got and leave Birdie with Ma she says
she is so much better than when I am here. but
I have returned few calls promised to spend a num

ber of days out. Negrows to here at the door every day Ma pays 5 dollars a month

buy a place round here they have never as yet expressed a
wish to go back to Quincy, Margie says tell Pa to get
a place on the railroad. They seem so pleased at
all they see, and gave me no unnessary trouble on
the cars, stood the trip so well. I thought they would
get so tired. We believed that we were in such a
healthy climate, all of the grandchildren here, are
fatter than ours. Last sunday was Pa’s 60th birth-
day, we all went down to sister Fannie’s, and she
gave us a nice dinner, Icecream strawberres, pa
Ma had all of thier children & granchildren
except Robert. I amused myself watching the
Nigows go to their church as in the olden times
Sam came in and talked a long time, ask
lots of questions, he looks more broken than Bettie
drinks considerable, says he wants to go to Kansas
the children wants to see Gran Pa & Gran Ma
Unckle Dave & Papa and often wish they could
see lots of things they see, and think would
please you all as much as them. Morgie said
he was going to write to his Granma soon
Cousin Fannie Hershaw came up from Frank
ford to see me, we went out to the cemetry
what a beautifull resting place fro the dead
stood at the graves of Charlie & Dave Granma
Childre, would that our little Jimmies gones
lay in such a beautifull place, art & nature
combined have made it lovely indeed

[sideways – crossed]
boys are such good business boys but I must close
write soon often  affec your loving wife children
Love to all I did not buy a ticket for Morgie al
st Town and the conductors did not ask
for one, nor did I to Lexington think I
could have saved the 57 night not changed me
10 from st louis to Lexington

[sideways – reverse]
wont make up with him. makes me get the candy for her sister Fannie’s

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