June 29 1884

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 Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

June 29th 84

Bath County


To my Dear Children

Well Mollie

you will see that I am not
at Home it has been 4 weeks
yesterday since I left old Georgetown
and I am getting almost home sick
and she was not very well her
self, and wanted some o fus to
come up, so it fell to my lot
we had Sis Miller, Lizzie
and Joe with us several weeks
and Lou Kidds 2 Daughters
was down spending a week so
you see we had a house full
of company, Sis wanted to pay
Julia a visit, so her and one
started elaving the girls and
Dora to keep house, they stayed
one week, and then Lizzie went
to Lexington with Bettie to wait
her Mothers return from Julias
Sis only stayed here one week, she
wanted to visit her Brother in
Woodford and stay some day, in
Lexington, she is a sweet sensible
Woman, reminds me so much
of her Mother, I do love her-
but take care for Lizzie, she has
no domestic qualities, has a fine
education, is a good talker and singer
loves dress, and visiting, we found
Julia much better, and up
waiting to receive us, the children
had all been sick but are now
well running around, Julia has
a nice large airy house a good
garden with plenty of vegatables
and Fruit, such a quantity of
Rasberrys and red currants, we have
made a quantity of jelly and jam
enough for both families, Jasper got
a barrel of white Sugar and told us
to make up in plenty Owingsville
is a high location 14 miles above
Mount Sterling, romantic scenery,
view of the Mountains in the distance
only 8 miles from the Olyphian
spring a place of great resort to
spend the summer, I cannot give
you any home news, but will
enclose a letter I received from
Dora and also one from Charlie,
Charlie and his Pa has been at
work out at Mrs John Carricks
I feel anxious to hear from
you, and who Rob has he taken
up Onks offer, or where is he
and what doing, I want to write
to him, if you want write got
Mattie or Morgan they write
such good Letters, I would
love to get a Letter from John
Direct to Georgetown as usual
our united love to one and
all form your affectionate
and devoted Mother

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