May 13 1885

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 Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

May 13th 1885

My Dear Children

Received your

Letter, and Papers, with one enclos
ed from Mary Haun, all of
which we thank you, they were
read with much interest, hope
ere this she has found Robs where
abouts, in his last to me he told
me not to write to him until
I heard from him again that
he was to start in a day or to
for San Francisco, it looks very
much like he did not care to
hear from us, as he has not sent
us his Address, Dear Boy I fear
his affections for Home and Parents
is entirely weaned, never the less we
shall love him still, a Mothers
Love only ends in Death, I know
if our Dear Mollie had the opportunitie
Rob has, she would come with Light
ning speed to her dear old Ky home
and Loved ones. Sorry to hear of Margan
ailments. I fear he has exposed him
self in Winters cold and snow, hunting
and camping out better never see a
gun than suffer with Rhumatism
all his Life, perhaps lose the use of
his Limbs and howe to go on crutches
Settle down to some business and give
up the sports of the field, Harry
school is out in a few days and
then he has to go to buissiness, Jo Jenkins
is steady as clock work in the Post
Office, buyes his own clothes, has
some money laid up, his gran ma
Jenkins is his Banker, takes drawing
lessons one night in the week they
are grates, Jo is inclined to be sawing
of his money, dont waste it in foolishness
you spoke of being poorly, hope ere
this you are well, and it was nothing
she has picked up, she gave me a sam
ple of one to send you, imagine
a quilt nearly 3 yards square of pieces
the sire of the one I send you she
said she wanted to beat the World
she sent a notion of the quilts to the
Mrs York Sun, and it has been
coppied in quite a number of Papers
consequently she has received Leters
from 24 states concerning the quilts
answered the most of them and
still keeps up a corrispondence with
several who have sent their photo
graphs and asked permision to visit
her, some have sent her nice presants
handsome cards, A box of Flowers
from Florida consisting of Orange
Blossoms, Tea Roses, Buds, Grapes. A
Letter from Sis Miller tells us they
expected to move out West in June
Lizzie Joe and charlie are out there
they went out last Summer with
their mother on a visit, Sis returned
at christmas, Sallie Fry has 6 children
Our Love to all your devoted mother

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