May 14 1879

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun & Family
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

May 14 1879
Dave Nutters Paynes Depo

my Dear husband & children
my health has improved some since
I last wrote you, I received your
last letter informing me of their
picnic at Bennet vally & of your
good health all of you which I was
glad to hear of– I waited unitl I
got better & then went to Frank
fort to see Alvin Duvall. I
let no one know my business not
even Sarah or Dave, nor will I
let any one know ther is so much
sumising a mang someday then that
I have never said a word to one of
them accept John Carrick & Nancy I
consider them the most prudent
& reliable friends of my kin. I went
on the morning train & returned in
the evening. Dave met me with his
buggy came by from Lexington from
the races. Daves horse Dave
Moore won the purse 300 dollars–
I sent for Alvin to come up to
the hotel to see me he came & I
told him the case as plain as I could
he said that if she died of in possess
of real estate in her own right
or had not signed her right a
way. to any that had been sold I
could recover that but her husband
selling her property that she inherited
& her signing deeds to such property
made him owner of the proceeds
& she could not have a seperate claim
or right to property that he would
invest in. That she could not will
it or dispose of it after signing her
right a way he told me to ascertain
if she had signed the deed to her land
if she had not I could get it. So you
see the chance are slim for getting any
thing. I will find out whether she signed
the deed to her land or me —
Habins head is as white as cotton
other wise he looks pretty well.
I asked him what he charged &
he said not a cent I insisted on
paying him some thing for he had
a long walk he said charge Jimmy
Hauns wife for a small favor
as never & he would be glad to
render me any service in his power
he told me he had six daughters at
home & one son & one son married
Howard Smith is living in Frank
fort with a house full of children &
the land lady of the Hotel tells me
not worth a dollar he has one
son that has been in the Laurate AS
when & another one that ought to
be there. his family has been so ex
travant & silly the woman ways that
people have no sympathy for them
his daughters went to Louisville & a round

direct your letter to Georgetown

the towering for him & telling the
people that it was not the noror
of the office– but a matter of bread
& butter with them well you see
I am disappointed here, now leters do the
best we can & not let any foolish pride
prevent doing what is to our interest to do
I do not carry an advertisement to the
public in our faces of disappointment
it is only a disadvantage to any one that
does it of all the close pople I ever
saw they beat her– I have had
every respect paid me that could be
to any one the aristocracy the middle
class the talented the commerions &
away one even to the negroes. I have many
many very warm friends judging from
appearances. I want to go a round to
see all of my kin they all will take me
from place to place & all insist on me
on me staying with them —
does John stil think it would
be to his interest to go to Plumas
if so do not try to influence him
for where ever he wants to go &
thinks he could do best there is
where he ought to go he has got
to make him a home for his family
& it matters very little where we
are so we are a happy family to
gather for you & I have but a little
while to stay any where & I am
willing to do any way if I can on
ly see him settled & well situated —
Sam is so anxious to go with me
or for us to come here he
says he wants to live with us
& betty & the girls & they would
be so much help to us if we had
them. I do want to take Martha any
how. tell John to consider well
what he is doing in settling again &
do it with a will & resolution
& not be disponding but deter
minded. how is Mollie & the
children getting a long. can Mollie
get a long withthe work &
how is my darling toots & dear
care taking Mattie & happy M
organ, oh all of you try & be
happy. I think of you all the last thing
at night & the first of mornings &
pray for your happiness & well fare —
lard can be had here now pre
ty cheap. Saw Mary Doyle she Mi
ght help you to buy a place here
& if Dave makes any thing he
will help you if you go to Plumas
& can make any this this summer
& collect every thing closely & sell
your property there we could by
fall be able to get a place here
if you wish, nearly all of the
farmers are planting there cover
it did not come the first planting
& they are now busy this
late planting their fields
over a gain & oats is verry
poor think ther will not
be half a crop the fruit
is nearly all kiled, cold enough
the 10th of May to set by a fire
make Hogan pay the money
he owes for rent of the house
take his note for it or make
him give you a mortgage on his
property, do not let him of
when I see how the riches of them
do here & how close they call at & know
how much we lose by not being close
& let people swindle us out of
so much by bad dets, here
they would not loose five
dollars with out a swet or a
fuss you or John be sure &
secure that det of Hogens son may
& let me know if you do not I
will try & get some one else
to do it take a mortgage on
his house if you can get
it no other way & do try & col
lect what is owing you & not
he carless & give up we have lost a
fortune that may, I must close give
my love to all of the kin & write on receit
of this. I remain your devoted wife

M. Haun


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