May 1 1879

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 Sender: Martha Haun
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: James Haun & family
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Millers run May 1st 79

My Dear Husband & children
I received
your letter yesterday dated the 15th & was
glad to hear that you were all well–
I am sorry to tell you that I have been
quite unwell ever since I arrived here
have not been confined to my bed. but
have not been well I was taken with
something like Callie the evening I got to
Chicago & have not been well since
I have fallen of considerably, I got me
some medicine & came out here to
Nancys & am doctoring my self I feel
better this morning & hope I will soon
be my self a gain. I have been better
& worse every other day & have had
some fever every day. I have been here one
week to day. John & Nancy are very kind
they have a nice family of few daughters
& two sons at home one son & daughter

married. they are living on the old John
Andy Millers place on Millers run. they are
nicely fixed & as industrious as lees all of
them boys & girls, Nancy & I ment to see
cousin Sally Roach spent the day with her
she looks verry old & fulfil she said she
would go to Lexington with as soon as
they got the crop in the farmers are all
verry busy putting in their corn. John
carrick has the setting up of his brother Al
ech & Toms is tale & Dualy is his lawyer
he asked him how property decended in family
& he said a sister or brother leaving no children if
they were married went to the surviving partner
unless it was in land & she had never signed
a way her right but John tells me to see
other lawyers he says the lawyers differ so
much in their opinions & not to give it up
unitl I fully investigate it which I intend
to do. Alvin Duval lives in frankfort
& does not come to Georgetown verry often
but as soon as I get well enough to sue him
I will do so John carrick thinks he would
be the best one I could get he is not in
office but just piratueng law. Mat Johnson
has quit all practice except the tank business
John has a great deal of business with the
lawyers & I have not said a word to day
one but him of the kin a bout my busness
& he seems disposed to assist me all he can
I am determined to leave nothing undone that
I can do but so far evry thing has been
discouraging. I have not been well enough
to go a round much. there is no one here
that knows my business but Mr Burns &
John Carrick— times are verry hard here
& a great many people getting broke up
old John Cantrell is intirely broke up is
not worth a dollar all of the cantrell
is broke none of them worth any thing
old Doc Smith is broke got nothing but
a little place where he lives that his wife
holds his boys are all broke & worthless
Sam Smith has broke & old harry they

they say is bound to go over board he is
paying so much interest on money. Jack
Crumbaugh the same way. Jack looks
old he says he is seventy three he does
not look like he enjoyed life much. John
Carth mad over his home place to his son
he was a bout broke. Old John Gonoe
is they say worth nothing if he was
out of det & his sons are not doing
nay good. there is none of the old such peo
ple that they say are bankrup than I can
think of to tell you. Dick West is very
much in det & some thing he will break
John carick carick says he has never
seen times so hard in Ky in his life as now
he says the people went crazy a bout fine
horses & stock & he says the horse men
one a sick set now horses that used to sell
for a 1000 dollars will not bring now
more than one or two hundred &c the hons

men are breaking all over the county
John Cooper got intirely broke up before
he died was sold out & died with
out a dollar. the people are close &
raining & work constant & hard on their
farms. I do not think there is one of our
family from your self down would
be satisfied to settle here on a farm if
we had one. the people seem to have
no enjoyment only to go to church they
have so little social injoyment the
neighbors that are in sight of each oth
er do not visit, they do not seem
lively & cheerful like they do out there
it is the dearst looking country & the
sadest gloomiest looking people I ever
saw poor old Sam & letty came to see
me as quick as they heard I had come Sam
wants us to come back or for him & letty
to go out there & live with us. Sam says he
he works hard & gets little or nothing
for it he wants to live with us he
tells the negroes he was always better
of in miss Patys kitchen than he has ever
been since, Martha they sya there is a
splendid cook & house woman & she only
gets six dollars a month ordinary woman
get five she is a nice looking girl &
wants to go home with me & Laurel
they all want to go with me or me to
stay here that would be an inducement
to live here you can get help so cheap & that
is the greatest inducement I see Aunt Lotty
died last fall Lizzie Ward was at her journal
John Garths wife died a week or so before
I came. Sam Thompson wife came to
see me as soon as she heard I was here
she wants me to stay a week with
her Sam was in town last monday
week his son bob told me his father
was coming to see me but he did not do
it I suppose he was a shamed to. I cannot
tell you on paper half I would like
to suppise to California is far prefer
a till to this with all its chinamen–
20 acres of land would be prefera
ble near sants rose to one hundred
here & do try & get setled & be con
tent far as sure as we live that is
the best country, the healthiest &
best every way, I will do every thing
I can to get something here if I do not
take care of every thing we have got
& do the best you can & get in to
a home of our own some where & if
all will pull to gather can get a
long & do not be disponding you
can I feel very certain to do better there
do you hear any thing from Dave
how he is getting a long is Mary
Doyle with Mollie & how has she
got has Morgan got the hooping
cough & how is Mollie getting a
long do they all keep well

tell Mollie to take her time & gather
up every thing when you move & to
take good care of her self & my
darling little ones, kiss them all for
grandma I think of you all the
last thing at knight & the first thing
of a morning & wonder how you
are all getting a long, give my
love to all the friends & take care
of your self tell John not to
fret & worry over things he will
get a long so much better. I must
close my letter as I can send it to
the office now, write to me all
the news & tell Mollie to write
when ever she can. I will let you
know us soon as I find out a bout
this business & will find out as
fast as I can. So good by far this
time, I remain your devoted wife, M Haun

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