May 22 1878

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 Sender: Ella Ward
Sender Location: Midway, KY
Recipient: Aunt May
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Mnt Hope Collage
Midway Ky
May 22nd 1878

My Dear Aunt,

I suppose

you think I have
forgotten you entirely,
that is if you judge by
the way I write to you
but I can assure you I
have not. I think of
you very often but have
neglected to write untill

I am attending school

out Midway at present
but it will not belong
untill our school will
be out.

I will be so glad for

I want to go home so
much. We are not allowed
to go home at all during
the school months.

They were well at home

the last time I heard
from them with the
exception of Aunt Liz.
she never is well and
Mamma said she fell
down not long ago and
bruised herself up some
but did not break any

Mamma, cousin Mollie

and Frank were all
down to see me a few
days ago.

I wanted to see the

children so much but
they did not bring them
down with them.

I want to see all of

you all so much.
I guess I shall not
see Cousin Mollie again
before she returns home.
Give Uncle and Cousin
John my love.

I have never had my

picture taken but
Mamma says she is
going to have it taken
when I come home if
she does I will send
you one.

I will try and finish

my letter this morning.
I have been several days
writing it.

Antie I would like so

much to get a letter from
you. I know you cannot
write well but you can
take several days and
just write a little every
day cant you; and send
me yours and Uncles

I will have to cose now

I have no news to write
answer as soon as possible

your loving niece
Ella B Ward
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