May 28 1870

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 Sender: Julia [Mollie’s Sister]
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Saturday May 28th 70

Dear Sister Mollie

Huitt brought your letter out Thursday I was very glad
to receiv a letter from you and to here that you had gott the pictures
I think Aunt Janes a good one but Emmas a miserable one and ours
is not good but of course we would say so. but you can hardley ever
gett three taken to gether that are good, but no wonder my eyes could
not be seen when they had seen so much and every thing knew
for Cousin hary is a good one to take you round and show you
every thing she can. did you ever see the Gault house it is magnificent
looking from the out sid it is of stone. Cousin Mary bury has ben
down to Paducah since we arived here and came down with the
intention of coming out here Vick told her he would send for her
and she was to meet him at brookland he sent asker and he wanted
there all day and at foure he started home and she gott there just
an half hour afterwards, she tried to hire a wagon there and could not
and so she sent back to Paducah and in a few days after that Mrs
Lee came up the boat her husband is on and so she gott a board and went
home but told them she was not a jointer give it up but would come down
a gain this sumer. Huitt came out here the 27 of last month or it was
near a bout that time. he gott here a bout dinnertime. Aunt Jane and my
self were setting in the frunt room with the door open I had ben suff
ering for more than a week with my finger they did not know whether
it was a bonefelin or not but it proved to be a brused bone. I had goten
a thorn or splinter in my finger and had ironed with it and I think
that was the cause of it. my broke arm aked and my finger throbed like
a boil on the other arm. caused from a tick bite and so you
see I had to lay on my back and it was very little sleep I gott for two
weeks. Well when Huitt came in Aunt Jane jumped up and putt her
arms round him and made a big to do over him but did not call his
name I looked up and met his strange face turned toward me
and his eyes fastend on me but neither of us spoke till some time
afterwards when she said this is your Cousin Huitt and then I rained I
kissed him he does not look like any of the other children. I think him
good looking and he is as full of life as ever John was he is like
his Ma I think he putts me in mind of Bob Parks a bout the
eyes and of Bob McNeal a about the mouth and you know he has a
prettie one. We have a gay time to gather going to Church in a log
school house has the people ware there sunbonets or most of them and
bring their children with them we went to here a blind preacher one
beautifull moon light in this month and he preached out of dooars I thoug
ht the scenery beautifull. I told them I had ben in splended Churches but
did not think they could ever have the same afect on our mind as to
seenrey there in sted of the gass light and the beautifull velvet tapestry
there was the soft moon light and the Stars and the carpet that nature
gives us but enough of this. Bettie has ben out and stade a week with
us she looks wors than I ever saw Fannie look. but does her own work
she went back to Paducah the 8 of this month and as Huitt lives
in Tennesse with Mr Clark and Norah he invited Leni and my
self to gow back with him. he said he would pay all expenses and that
would be 12$ and as the had ben here as long as he though the Clark
could spare him had ous to gett readey and gow in as Bett did and we
would take a boat and gow to Danville Tenn or near there. When we
arived at Brookland the river was balm and so we took our time and
went down the river on this ride unitll we gott nearly opposit PA
and the river had got ruff  till there was a great deal of danger you
could see the large waves cap and burst and so we would gow
way down between the waves and then up a gan and you neay know
I streched my eyes when I saw souch tremenous waves that [illegible]
Cousin Hiutt said soon sunk out skift if he had not known how to
hold it one of the wave bursted right by the skift and osme of hte
water came in on me the sail I held the skift so tight that I
left he impresion of my hand on the would. We went up the Tenn
River till we gott oersit where Bettie lived and we gott out and
Hutt and some mand carried our trunk up there she lives in jersey
her husband is ugley but seams like a very nice man. When we gott ther
Huitt gott a lettre telling him that Ma C. was not finishing any letter
and did not nead him and that he would send him word when he wanted
him and go the Boy was very busy and Aunt Jane had herd of the letter
sent in for ous the next day we had gown out to Aunt Hetteys that morning
found all as well a youngal. Cord was making her self a very hansum
white fancey dress she seams to love fine dress very much and has some
very hansome ones. Jane thinks I would be in a constant thinking what
I sould were but I have ben in places where I would see six times their welth

I do there and have less clothes and have not stoped for them but you know
some times relations think more of what you were than any one else, but I shall
try my hand at staying there a while son. well soon after diner that day
the man about Aunt Jane sent who was the one she rased cane over for our and
gott Betties Husband to come up there for our as heded not gow there and
so we concluded we would gow down there and see him but told Aunt
Hettie she might look for ous back there that night. Cocda said yes for
I had not stade any with them, but they would not here to any thing
but one coming out here with them. Huitt said he did not want me
to gett mad with them but knew I would if I stade there, and
so we all gott in askift in the Ten River and found that the
river was ruffer than it was be fore. I wanted them to come back
but they would not lisen to me but we gott a cross safe and sound
I do not wright Ma word of any souch trip I knew it would make
her feal uneasy a bout me. We will try and make the trip yet.
we are still looking for Mrak down  here she has three Children one
boy Willie the youngest he was born on the river. I guess I guess you have
herd of it but forgoten Johses Youngest is a boys his name Jim Will
after his grand Pa Chalk. we sent Aunt Sarah Taken one of
Aunt Jans photographs. I received a letter from Ma not long since
telling of her little Willies sickness but said he was better when she
wrote. Ma spoke of Dora having little Frank baptised at the last quarterly
meeting said he was dressed in the dress you sent him. Frank I
guess will be badley spoilt while at our house. I have gotten youst to
the ticks for there is a good many here. I received a letter from
Bud Clark writen the first of May and one from Florance Risley
she was in Centralia illinois when she wrote but was to start for
home soon. said she never extended to be satisfied untill she
gott back to olney. Ill a gon. you must excuse this letter as Lise
and my self are writing on the same tabel and of coars we do talk some
times she is writing to Okarley Neal we are expecting Mr Conely who
is her bow to come by and gett them as he lives in Bduak came out
day before yesterday and stade all night here and took dinner here yesterday
Ive had sraw Berres for diner and strawberry pie We went with him to his

[side ways]
friends Mr Bridges and took super. I will close with Love to all Julia

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