October 29 1883

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 Sender: [her mother]
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Oct 29th 1883

My Dear Mollie
I have

just finished  a letter to Rob and
will now try and drop you a few lines
while my hand is in, your Letter
with Robs included to Fannie was
received, she did not answer it she said
because she did not answer it she said
because she did not know how, I was
in Louisville at the time she received
it, as I had written to you concerning
the sale of the Property and how it
was disposed of, supposed you had sent
the Letter to Rob and did not think
it necessary to answer his right away
hence the delay Rob writes as though
his feelings was kind of worked up
did not know who to believe, I am
to blame for it all, when I wrote
that Letter I did not know they
had a decree from court to sell the
Property, Tish Ellen and Tom Chalk
pushed it through, Tom Jenkins was
so much interested in our welfare he wrote
to his Uncle Rob, and also to Robert
unbeknown to us, what he said I know
not but suppose it was to the Point
we feel Grateful to Rob and Will
for relinquishing their rights to us had
they been as unjust as their sisters
we might have had to call on our
Children for help, I hope you said
nothing to John about giving some
for we would never have called
on him for help, knowing he has
trod with us a hard road to travel
when Jasper lived in the house he
paid the Faxes, painted and papered
both rooms, built a new back kitchen
and coal house, we had grates put
in each room and new front steps
for Mrs Thompson when she lived
there, that house has always been a
trouble to us, it is now gone out of our
hands and I am glad of it, what
little we now house is our own to
do what we please with, your Pa
had it deeded to me, thinks he will
repair it and put it in saleable order
and get a place at the edge of town
where we will have more advantages,
him and charlie have plenty of work
and no opposition but Butches, employ
several hands, make a good deal of mo
ney, but no way of sowing it, has always
been our trouble, Julia and Japser with
their children was here in the early
part of October on their way to the Louis
ville Exposition, and I went with them
more anxious to see Sister Sarah and family
than the exponition, but took it all in
while the fare was down, Julia took
no children but the baby, Fannie kept
the little girl and the Boys stayed
here with Harry, I hired a cook for a
week, Dora being away every day helping
on the uniform, she is now through
and at home. Julia brought a lot of thi
ngs with her, Butter Eggs Sugar Pickles Preserves
we fixed up a large Basket of Provisions
and took with us, went on Monday Evening
had no difficulty in finding Sarah she
lives on 7st near Broadway, No 952, on
Turday morning early we fixed up our dinner
took Aunt Sarah and a street car for the
Exposition stayed all day and saw it
lit up at night by Electricty, every thing
was grand, and the power and ingenuity
of man and nature displayed in every
Possible way. Thomas Chalk had been there
the week before and took the girls, Julia
and Jasper came back on Wendsday Evening
thursday morning they took all the children
and went to see Old Lady Stafford, on
Saturday returned to their home, so I did
not get to see them any more as I remai
ned in Louisville one week, we went out to
cave Hill Cemetary one day, it is a lovely place
your Aunt Sarah is now 70 1/2 lives hard
Rents a House with 5 rooms for $16 per month
rents out 3 and keeps 2 for herself the rent of 3
pays the whole rent, but she furnishes 2 of the
rooms and deprives herself of many comforts
Ann folds papers in clines printing Office
at $4 per week, but not constant work, Mary works
on Tresses, Sarah on mens pants cut out and
makes for 50 cts per pair, Lorie sends her
some money we thank you all for your Will
ingness to help us, and are glad we dont have to
call on you Fran and Pen
are building 2 houses to rent
on some of the clark lots
they have bought this leaves
the families all well

glad to hear
of your and
Sucess at
the fair
heard from
Lizzie Moore
Sunday all
well. Our united
Love to
all affect

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