September 8 [unknown year]

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Sender: M Doyle
Sender Location: Paris, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Mary H. Haun Doyle

Paris KY Sept. 8th

My dear Mary

your kind letter came

to hand in due time. I was under
the impression you were in Quincy
when I wrote. I am truly glad you
are not going back for  your souls sake
and with your 20 pupils you will
not have to work so hard. the sale
ry I think is very good and those
common [inik?] people will be kind to
you as a class they are good hearted
do not attempt sewing it would
kill you sitting lenning over would
bring on some disease and bender
t is not so respectable. you must
know in what light sewing women
are looked upon. and I would rather
you not undertake it. you say in
summer you will return to the city
perhaps something better may
offer for instance a good husband
yes I would marry a protestant if I
loved him of course you would have it
understood he was not to interfear with
your religious duties and if he is a man
of since he will allow you to attend to that
and with your good example and influ
ance you might convert him though
I have known cases when one being a Cath
olic the other a Protestant the Catholic
would become lukewarm and finally
give up their religion which always
brings trouble and sadness. but I do not
apprehend any thing of the kind, with
you as I think you have a good mind
and firm principles. It would be better
for you to marry. and I think you
would be more happy. but be sure
he is a sober business man who can
keep you from work. for I always
think if a woman has to work it is
better to work alone what I mean by
work is not to support yourself. when
you do get married get a man
who can support you. If you can
not better your position remain as you
are. you say Cath is disagreeable, to tell
you the truth, I think our relations are
mostly so, though since I was married
I have had so little to do with them,
not residing near them can not say
how I would like them. one thing certain
I would be miserable with June she
and I did not have an idea alike
I think she has a jealous, envious, dispo
sition. when I was there she was looking
at my clothes, which were fine and
handsom as they were all new. had
them made for as I thought to visit
my rich Californian relatives, she
turned away with a sneer saying
it makes people selfish to have so
many fine things. they did me
but little good as some I did not
have on. but do not tell Mackie
this as June would get it. poor
Mack when on earth gave her con
sumption it is not in the fam
ily. Oh how sad for her God is to
have her husband and children. she
has a good kind husband. should
you see her write me all about
her. I think I would love you, and
you maybe return my love. I am very
sincere, and strong in my attach
ments. but my attachments are always
broken by death, or separation one or
the other of moving away. I hope you
will send me one of your pietines.
Mollie does not show much love for
me or she would write. I think board
is high. I have been paying $16 per mont
h with the best of family. try and get
Mackie Baptised & save her soul if
you can. may God have mercy on her
and restore her to health. or give her a
happy death. we must pray for
her. I have been in the Country visit
ing a nice of your Aunt Caths. they
are so nice and live in style. they
are second cousins of yours. write me all
about your dear self. Loving by your cousin

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