January 28th 1892

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Sender: [unknown]
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Mollie Burns & family
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

January 28th 1892

My Dear Mollie John & Children

Yours of

the 6th of Dec was received in due
time, and not answered yet, how time
flies, you was not ware you was writing
on Doras birth day. the New Year has
set in very cold and disagreable, Snow
and Ice has been on the Ground all
the month, for the last 2 days the
Sun has shown out brightly and mel
ted the snow soon little but freeze
up again out right. I think we shall
have our back Pavement covered with
Ice till Spring Not withstanding the bad
weather I went to Fannies on last Sun
day and stayed till Tuesday. She has
been very pporly for several weeks with
something like La Gripe but not confi
red to her P[xxx]ed more than two or three
days, up and down, She has not been

[upside down]
Beatie and Matties
Letter we all think wher
your Aunt Sarah wishes to be remembered
to you also Mrs Lemon
may the Lord blessings ever be over you yours and

home since Christmas which seems long
to us all, when well and the Weather
is good she comes home three or four times
a week, Lee says Ma I wonder if Aunt
Mollie would let one of her Girls come
and stay with you if we would write
for them you think where is Beatty
She does stay some, but when her Ma is
busy which is most all the time Dora
has her helping her, I could stay more
than I do when I am away the house
Keeping falls upon Dora she always
gets up of a morning helps about break
fast and her and Beatty clean up
the House then they go to their work
and I dont call them any more only
to eat but Fannie is not so much better
I think she will be all right in a few
days, she has her every Confort around her
not much to do a Splendid cook in the
Kitchen her Working and ironing done
out amphrovite Steve in the Lower hall
which heats the whole house, fire never
has a
all Freeze
but is
Boys are very
Home but
as Fannie, so
then she is
Good Health
able to help
cate dont thr
Charlie and
so smart, and
never was
make an Idol
they took a
Sister and her
week, I have
to Rob maybe
Letter from
so often

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