June 13 1877

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 Sender: Mollie Burns
Sender Location: KY
Recipient: John J. Haun
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA


Thursday the 13th 1877

Mr J. J. Haun

Dear Husband.
It has been

just one week to day since I got to
Mas. I sent you a dispatch two days
after, it is the week of comemcement
and every body is in town. The Louse
is not clear night nor day. I have
set every night to write to you had
company untill eleven every night
since I ahve ben here. Unckle jack
Crumbaugh John, have ben up, Col
Borlow. I could not call all the
old friends about town. Tell Ma
that Billie has ben her ask lots
of questions I gave her her dress
the does not look different from what
you seen her last. Martha her daugh
ter was here also. Callie Vaughn has
ben here also is a very pretty Girl
expects to remain at her Unckle
Wores about two miles from town
untill she finishes her education
sends love to all, Mrs Dean all
others. it is now, just five o-
clock in the morning. Dora is
sweeping my room in order that
I may get a chance to write
to Jan. to day is the exercizes of
the coledge. We have two beds
side by side just as we did at
home. Morgie & Mollie are fast
asleep. Birdie is now fussing
for me to take her. She wont

make up much with any of
them but Pa, only when she
is in gracious moon Morgie
is perfectly charmed with jo
jenkins, who is a little youn
ger than himself, but a perfect
team all over, they either sleep to
gothr here or Sister Fannies most
of the time. The lorger Boys has
been a fishing twice with him
since he came. his Gram pa
bought joe J– Harry hicky and
Morgie all nice little poles and
he caught some fish both
times, he was so pleased. The
Nigrows prepared and cooked
them here and Fannie for
thirs break fast. he had hardly
got his hat off before he was

ready to go Mrs Ann Jenkins says till
John Haun is home I want to see him and
he cant never get Wife & children untill
he comes for them, Nigrow Jane, that
use to live with– Your Aunt Sallie
was here, says tell Max john to come
back and I will cook him some
more good dinners. How I wish You
could eat some more of their good
cooking it is no diferent from the
chinese every thing tastes so good
We are feasting on the fat of
the land & Julia will he here
in a few days, has two children
Ma & Pa charlie B___ has
rooms at Granma’s Dora & Julia
and I with our children will have
this, it is almost like one hour
all of them here have cooks, Nurses
get the Nigroos almost for their
food few clothes. Fannie has never
left her. I could not get my dress
touched untill ofter, comencement
got a bonnet. Dora help me make

Unckle Charlie Boots is the
greatest man out, he has
got so much candy. There
was three grown daughters
of Bill Pulens here yesterday
the first funeral since I
came was that of Old Man
Clint West. he was 70 odd
72 or 73 I believe I staid
in Cin notion, at Annl’s, from
Monday evening went to Lexing
ton staid all night with
Salia Fry, got home on the
Lexington Buss about 7 on
Thursday evening two weeks
to the day from the time
I left Quincy I rested, and
seen all the relations as
I came along. Thare was a
Gound Dr Spier here last
night, a Nephew of Julias
said he got a postat from
his Unckle Jasper, Mat I
had arived, and his wife
Julia would be in George
town in a few days, Ma
says she is going to have
us all together his Summer
I can never describe to
Jan. My reception home would
to God, you had ben with
me, over Ma’s room, door in
the Hall in large embroidered
letters was the words {With
joy we greet three} and
they acted as though they
meant every word of it

a little rig for Mollie. Ma thought
that the children whare dressed, the
ough to just see them here. Frank
randals children, were here to see
me, and you ought to have seen
them, Mollie looked on in answer me
Dora & I have mad her a little white
dress. Mrs Jeakins tried to see if she
would says her Granpa her was not
better looking than me and in Cal– but
the stuck to it that he was
not. when thare is a right black
Nigrow round, streching his or her
mouth, I have to nurse Birdie
al the time. Thare was a
Daughter of George Autters to see
me about the size Alice McDon
ald. Mrs While told me that
Mrs James Autter from the
Depot told her that Lizzie
Frankie Ward had some
back to California. Mollie
has run off twice and some
up to Hinches Ma thinks

I think Ma would have spent
a delightfull Summer here and
I can never tell you how I
feel again in my child hood
home with sisters all around
me. Fannie take on so much
over Birdie says she is the
sweetest thing she ever seen
Bob Neal is here they say
he is a second Bobs on in
Louisville. Frank R Lee Hue
all of them are so anxious to
see Jan, I feel as though I
would be anxious to walk
home if I could only how
Jan here with them all, tell
Dave I have not seen Birdie
Webb, yet she has lost all her
hair, eye lashes brows, does not
go out from sickness. I must
close to dress for comencement
Will try and tell Jan more

[sideways next time semes so strange that we are so far apart

Love to all every body offer our love in Wife Children

Write soon often

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