[unknown month] 27 1900

Sender: Fannie Jenkins
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

My Dar Sister & Husband

I must write

to you all and thank you so much
for sparing us your jewels this past
cold Winter, I know you have missed
them and often felt lonely. but what
was your loss was our gain I regret
we had so much bad weather that
they could not get around as much
as we would have gone, had it have
been other wise. They are daughters to be
proud of and so considerate of
Ma Ma & Papa & I think so much of
dear Bird having so soon to leave
you & take her school, but hope she
will be pleasantly situated and will
enjoy her fare. We all appreciate their
visit so much knowing they had
earned their own money to come
on and were willing to spend it to
come and see us, I hope they will
never regret it, we have all ben drawn
so much closer to gether, and I so
often picture you all together listening
to them as they tell of old Georgetown
How much I wish we all could
live nearer, I know you all could
do as well here and spend our last days
together, you are so far from your childhood
home. God bless you all and I do hope
it will not be long before I see you and
clasp you in a sisters loving embrace.
I do hope the dear girls will reach
home in safety my thoughts are daily with
them, I met Laura Clark on the street
she says her mother is no better and
her Father is failing very fast Mr Betts
is about as usual Spark Elgin quite poorly.
Lore has his Life insured and Bus up the
payments so if he dies she will get a lift
although they do not live together. I heard
a letter read from Alice Sowards youngest
daughter they live in Kansas city you know
Alice married Frank Randall, and he
died leaving her with 6 children, she has 4
children married and two at home with
her all doing well, she keeps boarders. Jessie is
a widow, you know she parted from Press West
and married a Mr cummins, he is dead she
lives with Alice. I suppose the girls will tell
you all about the Frankfort trouble, they have
plenty of soldiers there now and the trials
are going on I hope they will not have much
more trouble, the brass band has just passed
I suppose there will be a show in thown
tonight plenty darkies following on.
well for the present I will close again thanking
you all for the delightful pleasure you have
given us this Winter write soon[sideways]
your devoted sister Fannie Jenkins

my eyes are troubling me some
hope they will soon be well
all join me in love to you all
I guess it was a good thing I was not
with the girls on their way for
I might have been a trouble to
them, but hope soon to meet you all
in your far off home
Your loving Sister

Mrs Mary C Haun

Plumas Co

Care Mr John Haun