April 25 1905

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Sender: Birdie Haun
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: [her friend]
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Gold Valley, April 25 1905

Dear Friends:
Ever since we were married
we have intended writing to your but, as
you already know have taken it all
out in (intentions.)
As no doubt you already know we were
married on the twenty-sixth day of last
July. Were married very early in the
morning. No “fuss and feather” for the
editors to rave over, no trailing white
gown for your friends to criticise there
were no friends there, only those near
and dear. As soon as the ceremony
was over me boarded the Beckwith stage
going by way of Boca to Marysville
where we spent a few days enjoying a
Carnival on street fair that was in
forgress there. We then went to Sam F
where we stayed two weeks. We next
visited one of Jerry’s sisters in Valle go.
Mare Island with its many features
was quite an attraction to me.
Our next point was Benicia where I
became acquainted with more of my
new relations. We then came back to
the city for a week and on the Grass
Valley and Nevada City. These latter
torns Jerry had always wanted to see
on account of their mining record.
From Grass V journed home, having
been absent just two months lacking
one day.
We thought long and talked much
about visiting you but Jerry’s
parents are quite feeble and thought
we ought to spend the greater portion
of our time with them. Jerry has been
home very little since he became a
man. We felt it was a duty as
well as a pleasure we owed the dear
old people so decided in their favor.
However we livein hopes of visiting
you and your pretty country in
the great future. And how you will
find the time to visit the Jr Outis
family. As yet we have no home,
want to look around a little more
before deciding.
We expected to spend this summer at
Jerry’s mine. I am anxious for him
to (mind that up) one way or another
Then we an hope for something
more lasting. At present we are in
Gold Valley, at the Ompire mine.
Jerry has a good position here and
seems anxious to see the mine
through. From present indications
I think it more than likely we will
spend the summer here.
Work about twenty five or thirty men.
Perhaps Mr. Mills remembers this
mind when Captain Buckley run it
It is twelve miles from every where
being about that distance from
Sierra City, Downieville an I
Johnsville. This is a beautiful
little valley in summer. There are
three ladies in camp beside myself
We are all very comfortably housed
Healthy and happy as clams.
I enjoy this kind of life. Never feel the
need of “sassciety.” Our only regret since
is that we didn’t follow Mr Will’s
advice and get married sooner.
While in Quincy this spring I saw
Solan and his wife. Solan is the
same happy-go-lucky lad
Ruth and Agnes called on me but I
happened to be away from home.
Morgan saw Florence and Lena B.
in the city in March.
Poon Mrs Dean hated to give Lena
up. She is very much afraid that Cora
and Lena will full into some of the
city habits, beer and nine drinking is
her chief concern.
Suppose you see by the Quincy
papers that the little town is
putting on city airs. Due to the
much talked of railroad she has
quite a boom on. Just how lasting
remains to be seen
No doubt you already know that three
of our old Plumas pioneers have
crossed “the great divide”. Messers
Thompson and Barker declined
slowly, suffered many months. But
Mr Clinch was confined to his bed
only a very few days.
You will see by the papers that Jduge
McLaughlin has climbed several
notches higher. He and wife are now in
Sacramento or perhaps Monterey where
the N.S.G.W. are in session.
Messers Neff and Goodwin are making
a hard fight to get the latter on the
Plumas bench.
While in Johnsville Dr. Wheeler called on
us. He inquired about you all.
Dr. Hensel and wife spent the winter
in Oregan. Intend remaining worth
until after the fair. Dr. W expects
to remain in J untill the Jenseles
Johnsville will soon be town in
name only. There is simply nothing
there but the little Jamison mine.
Our friend Leopold sold his team
and gave his piano away. Says
he is going away in June. Heard
he had only a key of nails and a
case of peas in his store. Can’t
imagine why he stays there.
Jerry wants to add a few lines
so I will hand the pen over to him.
O yes! How are those boys? They
must be nearly men now.
We would like very much to hear
from either one or both of you.
Please try and snatch the time
from your busy lives to write us
how you all are.
With best wishes and kindest
regards, I am your friend
Birdie Curtis

If you write in the near future
address us. Downiville, Sierrra Co.
To Ompire mine,
Gold Valley,
Sierra Co.

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