December 14 1921

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 Sender: E.W.
Sender Location: Chico, CA
Recipient: Mollie Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]


Chico Dec. 14th

My Dear Mrs Haun

Another year has flown.
My! how they do go.
And this is the time of
the year one thinks of home
& old friends hence these lines
to you this “Christmas Tide”
How much I would
like to grill you in
person. Well how are
you this Winter I
hear you are having
thus for a very nice Winter
we are enjoying an un
usual mild one, like merry
in Quincy, is an Masiler
birds singing meadow Larks
ol thol. Can you believe it?
We are somewhat being for Xmas
I am making a home made
plum pudding & getting my
mince meat ready & other baking
for X mas if any will let with
us, as he was Thanksgiving
We had a turkey & will have
on Xmas too. Aince is liusey
as are the girls with their school
work Mary White is in town
now, Charlotte is teaching at
Perlemo & come home week
end make it very nice for
them. I enclose you a program
I think you will like to look
over There is a much to go to
here & they are of [illegible]
kind Chico is an ideal town
to live in in many respects. I
enjoy my club work & have
many nice friends & some of them
are old one since my girl hood
peried Callie Boyle is still in the
city likeing we will soon hove over
shortest day I will be glad. That mean
sumer will soon be here & then I will
see my Q. friends again Indeed it
makes me sad sometimes redin I
think each time I go one of them
has gone therefore I will go for when
some of them have gone it will not
seem the old place no longer or
it is the people that make this place
I think of you all many many times
Clend Peter is very ill in the
Oroville hospital I dont think he can
recover cancer too bad I see Ella
occasionally & she feels badly. I hear
from Mrs Lare Peter They are well &
doing nicely although they have a good
deal of sickness too. I get letter from
Q. It thules I keep posted on things
sory to see that terrible accident
in the paper of Mrs Cattingham
One never knows do they. I think
I have written you all that would
interest you. I could write you so
much of my comings & goings but that
would get tiresome to you. I will
tell you that when I see you. Abbie
or sending messages all the time
for me to come. I think I will
contend myself at home this Winter
Now my dear I do hope you will
keep well with my best wishes to
you & yours for a very pleasant X man &
from all at new year. E.W.

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