December 22 1918

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Sender: Fannie Jankins
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Birdie Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]

Georgetown Ky Sunday Dec 22 1918
Bright warm Spring Sun shiny day
So verry different from a year ago.

Dear Birdie & Folks
The paper you sent us
with an account of Mr Hauns death
was received. Sorry to know of this death
but he had lived to a good old age
I had hoped to see him in this life
but such is life you hardly know what
a day will bring froth.
I let Mrs Lila Bell (who is now running
the Georgetown times) how the paper so used
part of the articles in her paper last week
also sent it out to Mr John Crumbaugh
to see he knew Mr Haun so well.
Well so many things have came to pass
since. we heard from you all this “wax”
thanks that it is now oct and the boys
are now coming back home our bay

while not being able to intert as a
soldur has ben in uncle Sams service
since 1st last April I am unding a
heading of there paper which will show
you his work the alis property department
the hour now about one billion German
Money x property he graduated in Law
and this is his work he is delighted
with it dosent know how long it will
continue. he has ben married about
19 months they have little Baby Boy
about two months old. Married in last of
October was down with the flue his mother
went out to washington and nursed him
well again at the time he was suck
his wife was in the hospital with the
baby. he did not see them forward
from McHay or untill his wife came
home with the baby they live
627 East N-W- Washington D.C.
Ruth our girl is the college hers
she will graduate in music this next
school term she is in her 18 year
quite a young lady plays the pipe organ
in our church is quite a murccead
Ma is up with us to day she spends
every Sunday and Monday with us
She is about the same no better mentally
if any thing worse she is aging verry
rapidly and getting more feable. her general
health is good can eat anything. Lellera
is getting along farely well doing her
own cooking. her mother is verry feable
and breaking fast she makes her home with
us her other daughter lives in Seattle work
so no one to take care of her but Lellie
Rabt Burns is still living does near
Staffords but is in a verry pitiable condition
cannot do a thing hardly dress himself.
we board him with a family there who
take verry good care of him. Stafford
are all well our of this boys is in
the army (John) the second daughter and
youngest Boy are living in Dayton Ohio
the two boys and our married girl live at
home and runt he farm Mr Stafford
has not ben well but I think better
now.  wish you and your mother
could come in and rest ur and see all
the folks some time.
give our love to all your family
with siarin greeting and best
wishes I am your cousin

Thos J. Jenkins

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