November 29 1900

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Sender: Dora Burns
Sender Location: Georgetown, KY
Recipient: Birdie Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]

torn her mother tired good by dear ones

Afec Dora

Sun Nov 29 1900

Dear Birdie

You all are debtors to me

yet I shall write a few lines any way.
This is Thanksgiving evening we
have just gotten through with dinner.
Harry Jen Luey & I were participants
no company, had the usual turkey
stuffed with oysters & cranbery sauce
I attended church at the Episcapal
where we went, they have changed their
farm of worship somewhat, have a chair
of forty or fifty, in robes, march in singing
& sit on the altar & the service is a solemn
one. Harry & Luey have gone out this
evening, Jen & Hay are below in
sitting room, she is repeating fables her
tongue is almost perpetual motion, but
the dear little thing, has a cold and
cough, she is troubled with bronchitous
so much. Harry has cut a register in
the room over sitting room & they sleep
in there it keeps the room so comfortable
& the stone that was in hall in the
big room or mine. I am sewing nora
Luey is also at it, but I did not com
ence until fourth of Oct but have been
at it every day until to day, we are very
busy. This is such a bright pretty evening
but we have been haveing rainy week or
two but our fall has been pretty. Fannie
Rob & dear little Harrold came down a
few weeks ago & spent the day. I wish they
could come every sunday, is such a pleasure
I can truely enter into sister Mollies feelings
now when she was far away from home
& loved ones. Dear Birdie I wonder if
your school is out Fannie said you had
an entertainment, you have had a long
laborious work yet I hope intersperce
with pleasure for I take you to make the
best of circumstances & get out all thats
in them. Is dear Mattew still teaching
how lonely all other must be with out
either true dear sweet girls you cant
imagine how much & often I think
about you all. I hope to know the boys
some day Fannie & I have not given
out our trip. I hope she will make it
next summer if we do not make it soon
we will never make it for age & infirmities
are creeping on. I am troubled all the time
with my stomach am going to see a Dr. soon
Harry is never well of the stomaches trouble our
bodys are frail & heers of suffering, but the
soul, the spirit shall live on forever take
out this precious truth & life would be
bereft of its only hope that cheers & sustains
in time of deepest trouble. Till Mattie Harry
says she is long time answering his letter
Jen I think thinks she ought to have a
letter. I know I would like to have them
oftener, but there is a long division & your
life is busy one & must have some
recreation I wont think it lack of love
or rememberance, for I dont want you
to weigh me that way. I wish you could
see some of the pritty dresses we turn out
some of them forty dollars, made four or
five for a bride, cloth & tailor suits or
still in favor I do not get time to do
any thing for myself, but guess we well
have a dull time after while. I suppose
Lues & Fannie keep you postd in George
town news, there has been a number of
weddings & deaths. Lilly has not been very
well spells with her bowels. Well Birdie
Eddie is not boarding with me now
Jen did not want to board her any
longer, Alice is very gay trying to get
married again, her aunt where you went
lost her baby. I shall direct this letter
to Quincy as I do not know wither
you are at home or not but they can
send. They all wish to be remembered
& I hope to hear from you soon, my love
to every one & pray these lenes may find
you all well & the Father of us all
watch over & protect & keep you all
and may we be united with our loved
ones on that share where parting will
be no more. Well I shall go down
and talk to Hayel some she will

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