September 24 1924

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Sender: R.B. Neal
Sender Location: Grayson, KY
Recipient: Mollie Burns
Recipient Location: Quincy, CA

Christian Normal Institute
Grayson Kentucky September 24

Mrs Mollie Haun,
Quincy, Calif.,
Dear Cousin: every now & then I think of you
and wonder how you are making it in this
winter of life.
When Dinks Cole died, I du Neal found
a whole of me I had given Dinks in this
“sixties”– I du sent it to me. I had some
small ones made from it the circular
will show about how I look now I am
some 10 and 3+ What changes have take
place since then and now. I can see
us then sitting on “Aunt Ann’s Steps.” The
neighbors children gather around & the
old horse has gone. Jack Clarks shop has
gone. But few of that band are living.
Mollie, Aunt Ann, Uncle S, Dora, Dinks,
Billy Neal, gone from south. The last
time I was there it saddened me so
that I felt as if I never wanted to
return & recently Tom Jenkins wrote me a
good long letter letting me about
Bob Burns, Pilid, Fanny and others
I’m now some annoted. My health
has not been good for four or five years
not well for luangelisic or pastural
work we own our home. a six room
cottage and about an acre of ground on
corner of main st and Prickard ave.
The great “midland rail” runs along
our side street. We have now 400 ft
on it. that rail reaches from ocean
to ocean & I have been able doing well
shells for past three years to make a
good garden. We have fruit trees
apples, peaches, plums, grapes, & I set a
church pension of $30.00 a month
no rent a good garden with mi pennin
and Lucy Neal to manage things our
needs are met nicely I have both
ducks and chickens.
We now have a good school here
you can judge from my little head
that I am lousy doing well
shells pushing varens sutepnses
I get monthlies, dailies & weeklies and
have a large correspondence. Don’t
have time to get lonesome.

Charley & Ida live in lexington
554 Rose St. Ida is an
invalid & charlie lost his
home there & if his health
should fail he would he
in a deplorable condition
my wifes sister, Miss Mollie
lives with us and is very
helpful. she has lived
with us ever since her
mother died &
this is a splendid town
All Anglo Saxon no foreigners,
no Roman Catholics, no
malaria, no “skeetes” & on
lives, for its sunset is last
in a pleasant place.
I have 10 acres in Flo near
Ft Pierce in Indiana
River Section. I was there
saw before I
bought & had my
health kept
good this idea was a winter
home there.  But can’t
consider that now there
tough times &
Heres washing that
this may find me and
pour in good health,
above want and
fall of hope for
the rest of earth life
and this life to come
after it ends &
Your  Cousin
R.B. Neal

Kentucky Coucil of Defense
1616 Inter Southern Bldg
R.B Neal
War historian, Carter County
Grayson, Kentucky

Mrs Mollie Haun,
Plumas Co.

[enclosed card]
Minter Homes Corporation
Hutnington, West VA.

Presented By
Rev. R.B. Neal, Official Chaplain
Grayson, Ky.

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