Undated, likely 1818

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 Sender: [Mollie’s Sister]
Sender Location: [unknown]
Recipient: Birdie Haun, Mollie Burns Haun
Recipient Location: [unknown]

My Dear Birdie Sister and loved
ones we all sympathise with your
in the loss of your dear husband and
Father I think of you all so often and
would love to be with you. I love my
sister Mollie we all did the best we could
when we were in the old home together
I often think of the visit you make
us and how we enjoyed it I hope you
will all take care of my sister I remember
Morgan so well this time of the year
it is sad to part with dear ones the
war has broken up so many homes Rob
is well he is in the country you all remember
when he was with you Julia has one
son in the south sick with cold he is in
the hospital was a soldier in Georgia
John worked hard on the farm I was
down there a good deal this Summer
while there Ruth paid them a visit he
is a lawyer in Janes City, Arlene she is
working in a factory in Dylon Ohio, our
Jericks Harold is in business in Washington
has a sweet wife and a dear little boy he
calls Willie Mollie remembers our dear
Willie he left us years ago, I hope Mattie
and family are all well, Birdie had a good
kind husband, Hary Hicky has had
trouble this summer hi Wife has been in
the hospital and tapped several times
she is at home in Cincinatti but not
will Hazel her daughter is book keeper in
a store, Harry is working for a store
I often think what nice times Mollie
and Mrs Clark used to have together
Tomie Tingle and family are all
well, tinks has been sick till Mollie
Frankie ward that used to live
with them is living in Frankfort she
married a Mr Hamilton has grown
children Mr Herrings family are all well
Thornton Moor married a sister to
Harolds wife he has a nice farm in
Fayette county Lizie Maze left two children
by old Mr Moore everything is very
high here now I guess Inne and Hazel
stay with you in your home Mrs Shepshill
lives with Lilly Mr Mat Bradly are living
her now you know he was nephew to
Mat Sannders Matthew Snow I want to
go and see John if Pean they had
so much put until nice vegatables on
the farm Am the youngest girl loves

sister Fannie would I could with you their again my

them she is married and helps to the
cooking, they raise tobacco till Mollie
all of the Smarr family have passed
away Bob Nutters property has all been
sold, I dreamed a short while before Mr
Hin passed away that I had some
gold dollars and I was trying to come
and spend the Winter with you Mrs
Luer daughter is here and strong you
know she made Mattie a dress
while here, PressPullson who married Emma
Chalk was shot and killed a few weeks
ago in Lexington Emma had 5 children
by him she is living in Oklahoma doing
the children all make money Bush
Stafford spoke about you all what
a pleasant visit he had and you
know my dear Lee visited you too
let us hear from you Mollie remember the old

Ellis home. Rose who missed my children has bee

[upside down]
to see me, with prayers and love your Ma

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