Links to specific locations mentioned in the diaries have been provided below, when known. If you know the location of any place listed that does not include a link, please write to us at


Cities and towns:
Geological Features:
Mining Camps:
Ranches & Lodging Houses:
  • American Ranch
  • Bourn’s Ranch
  • Bradley’s Ranch
  • Columbus House
  • Empire Ranch
  • Illinois Ranch
  • Lewis Ranch
  • Martin’s Ranch
  • Mountain House (sometimes called Mountain Cottage), Gibsonville
  • New York Ranch
  • O’Neal’s Ranch
  • Oregon House
  • Pauly Hotel
  • Peoria House
  • Prairie House
  • Rabbit Creek House, La Porte
  • Spanish Ranch
  • Stanfield Ranch
  • Thompson House
  • US Hotel, Elizabethtown
  • Western House
  • Willow Ranch
Other Businesses:
  • Frank’s Restaurant
  • Nicaragua Saloon
  • Zabriskyeys


Outside the US: