A map of places mentioned in the Haun Family Papers.

Links to specific locations have been provided below, when known. If you know the location of any place listed that does not include a link, please write to us at


Cities and towns:
Geological Features:
Mining Camps:
Ranches & Lodging Houses:
  • American Ranch
  • Bourn’s Ranch
  • Bradley’s Ranch
  • Columbus House
  • Empire Ranch
  • Illinois Ranch
  • Lewis Ranch
  • Martin’s Ranch
  • Mountain House (sometimes called Mountain Cottage), Gibsonville
  • New York Ranch
  • O’Neal’s Ranch
  • Oregon House
  • Pauly Hotel
  • Peoria House
  • Prairie House
  • Rabbit Creek House, La Porte
  • Spanish Ranch
  • Stanfield Ranch
  • Thompson House
  • US Hotel, Elizabethtown
  • Western House
  • Willow Ranch
Other Businesses:
  • Frank’s Restaurant
  • Nicaragua Saloon
  • Zabriskyeys


Outside the US: