James Haun Diary, October 1853

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Saturday 1 – Took out today $36.50. Quit at noon. Dave killed a coyote at camp. After dinner I worked on my cabin. Thundered with lightning, but no rain.

Sunday 2 – Split boards and Dave covered the cabin while John did the cooking.

Monday 3 – Took out today $53. John and I went down to Nelson Creek and laid in provisions for 7 months, and then went back to camp.

Tuesday 4 – Took out today $56. The man that we bought out provisions of brought them up today.

Wednesday 5 – Took out today $5. I worked all day, then work on my cabin while the rest were at their ease.

Thursday 6 – Made no money today in consequence of our gulch being worked out. We moved our sluice boxes into another gulch close by.

Friday 7 – Took out today $15.

Saturday 8 – Took out today $13.50.

Sunday 9 – I worked all day in building a chimney. We have to pack the rocks on our backs. John went to the Point, paid Thomson six ounces in gold for grub.

Monday 10 – Took out today $33.

Tuesday 11 – Took out today $60. It rained all night but our bunk does not leak, besides our cabin is roofed, chinked and has a fire place. No door, nor floor or window.

Wednesday 12 – John is getting breakfast in the cabin as it is raining.
Took out today $59 —
Took out today $70 —
Took out today $27.50 —

I had a fuss with J. Dobson.

Saturday 15 – Took out today $9.

Sunday 16 – Finished our chimney to the cabin. John and I want to the Point to settle up for lost time &c. We got back some time after night and took supper and then to bed.

Monday 17 – Took out today $16.50.

Tuesday 18 – Took out today $12.50.
Dave trimmed my hair by candlelight. John baked 3 loves of bread and then washed shirts towels and socks and I washed and went to bed. The coyotes gives us a barking every night.

Wednesday 19 – Took out today $10.00.

Thursday 20 – Took out today $8.50.

Friday 21 – Did not weigh it.

Saturday 22 – With Friday in all $9. Did not work at mining in the afternoon. One of the men went down to Nelson Creek and brought a letter to me from Jack1 that had been written in the middle of September.
We now have our cabin finished and hewed down the inside. All is in good order and we have been sleeping in it since Wednesday the 19th. As yet we’ve not as much as a stool to sit on. At this time the moon rises before I go to bed and I am up before sunrise. We have no way of keeping time.

Sunday 23 – Tore down my bunk to get materials for putting up one in my cabin. Tonight I expect to sleep on a good sack-bottom bunk in the cabin, and Dave and John may sleep on my straw bed on the floor. John has taken off his kettle of cooked dried apples and is lying down, and Dave is reading a late New York Herald. Dave laid by his crutch Saturday.

Monday 24 – Last night is the first that I did not get the back ache by sleeping on the ground and other hard beds since I left New York. Got gold today $3.

Tuesday 25 – I slept easy but got cold under two pair of blankets last night. Got up twice and made a fire. No gold today.
Dave and I went down to the Point. I paid Thompson off for provisions the first act— $121.50.
I then bought three old plates. At that, the first queen’s ware of any kind that I’ve used for months, our furniture being old tin plates, block tin oyster cans for fruit dishes and butter plates, with wooden forks and spoons.
I am now sitting on the first stool which places me above the ground since middle of July past–a log of wood that I made tonight. Neither have I heard a cock crow since I was 42 years of age.
Ice about our spring this morning.

Wednesday 26 – Got today, with yesterday, $150

Thursday 27 – Got today $1.00

Friday 28 – We’ve been working at a new place since Tuesday. We’ve not fairly got into it yet, and don’t expect to make anything this week. Got today $1.50. We all had a washing tonight of ourselves and our clothes.  Dave and John have long since gone to bed while I am writing this.

Saturday 29 – Got today $3.00

Sunday 30 – Got up before day. Built a fire, lit a candle, drew up my center table and got down my carpet wallet and took my bundle of letters and read them over carefully. The last one I got from you is of date June 27th 18532.

Sunday 30 – I went down to the Point and gave the express man $200 in gold dust to take brother Jack to pay for the claim that John bought of Major Brookey. Also, two letters, one for Jack and one to my wife, which is my sixth one.

Monday 31 – Took out today $150 of gold. Four of us worked in the forenoon. John and I in the afternoon. Four of the company went over to the American Valley on Sunday and did not get back until late this evening.

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