John Haun Diary, October 1856

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Wednesday 1 – We run off clay all day and got a small place ready for cleaning up. Dave came home about noon. We bought some potatoes of Butts.

Thursday 2 – Cleaned bedrock today and took out 11 oz and $1. We bought some quicksilver of Hayden.

Friday 3 – Took out 34 oz and $4. I felt a little sick today.

Saturday 4 – Run off clay all fore noon Dave and Dad cleaned some bedrock and piled it up ready for washing Bates and I dug out the drain deeper we set our boxes over again ready for washing.

Sunday 5 – Stayed about the cabin in the morning until nearly noon. Lem Compton and Sherwin came in and stayed about two hours. We all went to the Point and deposited our dust after straightening up our lost time. Ned got back this morning from the Mountain House and brought me some shirts from home.

Monday 6 – Shoveled in some old drift and some dirt. We threw up Saturday and took out 12 oz and $11. Sherwin came in about supper time and stayed a little while. Cold and cloudy all day.

Tuesday 7 – Cleaned up today and took out 6 1/2 oz. Commenced raining in the forenoon and continued all day at a pretty good rate. We all got wet and cold. We quit a little before night.

Wednesday 8 – We done no work in the forenoon on account of the rain but took out 4 oz and $3 in the evening. Very cold of mornings.

Thursday 9 – Worked today as usual and took out $89. Dad and I cut the drain low
er. A couple of county candidates and McNabb came to the diggings in the forenoon. We heard that Jack was married and gone home.

Friday 10 – Worked as usual and took out 3 oz and $3. We finished the old drift today.

Saturday 11 – Set our boxes and worked the balance of the day and took out 10 3/4 oz. Sam Ballou gave me a note from Quincy. Bill Raina came down and took supper with us and I went to the Point with him and I stayed all night. Sherwin gave an oyster supper and I took a hand with them. We played poker awhile &c.

Sunday 12 – Miss Shores and Lizzie came down to the bar and stayed about an hour. I went to the Point with them. Bill Rains and I went with them as far as the old cabins. We found a couple of them burned down and everything in them, my trunk and clothes. We went home and then went to the Point after supper and I wrote a note to Pa. The company hired Bill to work.

Monday 13 – Worked today as usual and took out $107. Ned and Sweeten bought out Davies and set in today to work.

Tuesday 14 – Took out $212.50. We got it out of the big crevice. Hogan and Sherwin came to the diggings late in the evening.

Wednesday 15 – Worked as usual took out 4 oz 3/4. Pa came in about noon and stayed all night. Cloudy today.

Thursday 16 – Pa, Bill and I went up to the Point after breakfast. Dave also I bought a pair of pants for $3. Pa also bought some things. We went up the Pike ditch and back to Lloyd’s cabin. I.S. Root is building a house on the hill near the road. Rained a little all day. We worked in the evening. The company took out 4 oz and $7.

Friday 17 – Rained all forenoon. We set our boxes over again in the forenoon but worked none. We did not work in the after noon we all went to the Point in the evening and seen a couple of organ girls

Saturday 18 – Worked as usual in the forenoon. Bill and I started for the valley after dinner. We went down after supper and seen the organ girls in the saloon. Nothing else of interest today.

Sunday 19 – I stayed about the house all day. Dr Tredenyer and a little girl came up in the forenoon. Also in the evening after supper. I stayed all night. Nothing more today.

Monday 20 – I helped Pa dig a sack of potatoes to sell. I started home after breakfast. I went to work after dinner as usual. Our boxes fell down and broke some of them all to pieces with our gold in them. Pretty cold all day.

Tuesday 21 – Washed as usual and took out 4 1/2 oz and $2.50. The bank bothered us a great deal from caving in on us.

Wednesday 22 – Did not wash in the forenoon, having no water. We put on a crooked box at the lower end. Dad and I dug a drain on the bank to turn the seepage water. The bank slid in on us some today. The company talked of starting a drift. Did not clean up tonight.

Thursday 23 – Worked today as usual and took out 7 oz. The bank caved in very badly all of the time. The sheriff came by the diggings today. Dad commenced a drift at the lower end of the stripping. Bates to help him.

Friday 24 – Found the bank carved in our hole so we went to running off clay. We turned off the Chinamen at noon. Dave hired Lem Compton to work in his place.

Saturday 25 – Run off clay as usual all day. Dad got in one set of timbers today. We went to the Point after supper and stayed a while. No more.

Sunday 26 – Pretty cold today. Dave and Kyler started for the valley about noon. I gathered up gunny sacks and brought them to the house to send to the ranch. I bought a pair of boots for $10 and a pair of soles for 2.25. Hawks and Hogan made speeches at the Point after supper.

Monday 27 – Run off clay all day. I cleaned up a couple of big boxes to get the Quicksilver. Nothing of interest today.

Tuesday 28 – Run off clay in the forenoon and washed in the after. Also washed the drift dirt and got but very little. Blew up and was cloudy after supper. Swinertin’s boy came after some clothes of Kyler’s about noon.

Wednesday 29 – Washed all day and took out 7 oz and $15, including drift dirt.

Thursday 30 – Washed all day but did not pan out, it being late. We all went to the point after supper. We set our small boxes ready for cleaning up again. I saw the advertisement of Dave’s claims to be raffled the 22nd of November.

Friday 31 – Washed all day but did not clean up the boxes, only the drift, and got $10.

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John Haun Diary, September 1855

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Saturday 1 – We brought some boxes down from where we worked last and set them in the cut and commenced piping. Worked the balance of the day and took out $22.50. Pretty good today. Nothing else.

Sunday 2 – Rositer and I worked out the pan box. We cleaned out part of the gold and had 2 oz. Pa and Rositer went to the Point after dinner and got some grub. I stayed  about the cabin alone. Nothing more today, I believe.

Monday 3 – Piped today as usual and took out $16. I renewed the notice at the reservoir.

Tuesday 4 – Took out $27 today. Pa and Rositer went to the Point after supper.

Wednesday 5 – Election day. We all went to the Point after dinner. Rositer and I came back and went to work but Pa stayed until night. We took out $10 today.

Thursday 6 – Worked as usual and took out $38. Nothing else today.

Friday 7 – We took out $9 today. I renewed Dueslers notice after dinner.

Saturday 8 – Worked as usual and took out $17. Nothing of interest today.

Sunday 9 – Panned out the gold that came out of the sand box and got about $38. All of us went up the Pike ditch and stopped some leaks and went in the ditch at the reservoir. It was in about 70 feet. Got dinner and went to the Point. Shaw and Bill Rains got back in the evening. Bill came home with us I bought a pair of pants from Timberman.

Monday 10 – Set the hose and penstalk and washed in the evening. Took out $8.50. Bill came up about supper time. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 11 – Worked today as usual. Pa and Bill went up the Pike ditch to get more water down. Rositer and I cleaned bedrock in the forenoon and got $16.50 and $21 in the evening piping. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 12 – Rositer and I worked in the diggings and Pa and Bill cut and piled up logs. They let a log roll in the cut and mashed a couple of boxes. I got out the old nails while Bill and Rositer cut and burned more brush. Pa went to the house and made more boxes. Nothing else today.

Thursday 13 – Worked as usual and took out $24. Pa and Bill cut and burned brush. I renewed the notice at the reservoir. Nothing else today.

Friday 14 – Took out $17.50 Bill and I went to the Point after supper. I took a letter down.

Saturday 15 – All of us worked in the diggings all day and took out $131. Commenced raining about sunset but did not rain much

Sunday 16 – Went up to where the drift was was run in at the reservoir. It was in a long ways. Came back after mending up the log heaps and went to the Point. Came back and got dinner. Rained about supper time.

Monday 17 – Took out $15.50. Rained a little in the forenoon. I renewed Dueslers notice.

Tuesday 18 – Cloudy pretty much all day, but no rain. Took out $10.50. No more.

Wednesday 19 – Worked as usual and took out $27 nothing else of consequence today

Thursday 20 – We washed a great deal of dirt and took out $11 Rositer went to the Pint after quitting wash nothing else to day

Friday 21 – Took out $28. Nothing occurred of interest today.

Saturday 22 – Worked as usual and took out $22.50. Nothing of interest today.

Sunday 23 – Bill and i took the gun and went up to the reservoir and went in the drift 135 feet in. Came by the diggings and around home. I killed a hawk. All of us went to the Point after dinner and stayed until super time.

Monday 24 – Did not do much today: set the hose and boxes in the forenoon so as to wash in the after. Hose burst &c, made nothing.

Tuesday 25 – Hose burst three times today. Took out $6.50. Nothing more.

Friday 26 – Worked today as usual. Rositer and I went up the ditch after dinner to see if there was any leaks. Came back and went to work. We did not clean up today. Nothing new today.

Thursday 27 – Piped in the forenoon and cleaned up in the after. Rositer sold out to Bill Rains for $150. Rositer went to the Point and stayed all night. We took out about $9. I renewed Dueslers notice. Nothing else today.

Friday 28 – Took out only $6 today. Nothing of interest today.

Saturday 29 – Worked as usual and took out $13. Nothing of interest today.

Sunday 30 – All of us went up to the reservoir and by the diggings and set some log heaps afire. Went to Pikes cabin and Lloyd came in while we were there. Pa and him had a fight and he got whipped and one of the bucks to witness it. We then went to the Point and Pa hit him with a stick and broke it over his head and cut quite a gash. Nothing else.

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John Haun Diary, March 1855

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Thursday 1 – First day of March. Worked with the pipe all day and took out $24 rained a little today. Nothing more, I believe, today.

Friday 2 – Cleaned bedrock all day and got 2 oz and $11. Cloudy in the forenoon but clear in the after. Nothing interesting today.

Saturday 3 – Worked today as usual with the pipe. Rained in the forenoon but clear in the afternoon. Gold not weighed today. Nothing more today.

Sunday 4 – Went up to the reservoir and turned out the water and then went to the Point but did not stay long. the Vigilance Committee met at the Thompson House. Nothing more today unusual.

Monday 5 – Commenced raining in the forenoon and continued until noon. I went to work in the ravine above the ranch to run a cut up to the flat. Worked alone all day sluicing off dirt.

Tuesday 6 – Pa and Lloyd had a fuss. We had a divide of the provisions with Lloyd. We went to the Point and arranged our business about out claims. Rained all day, constantly. Feather River very high part of the old abutment washed away while we were there. Nothing more.

Wednesday 7 – Found it raining in the morning, it quit about noon but commenced again in the evening and rained until night. Lloyd finished taking away his provisions in the forenoon. Shaw and I went to the diggings, set the hose and commenced washing and got $8. Pa went to the Point in the forenoon and got back about supper time. Nothing otherwise new today.

Thursday 8 – Piped today as usual. Some men from Columbia Flat came up to the diggings and made whiskey money panning. Rained some today as usual. Nothing more today.

Friday 9 – Worked today as usual piping. Rained a good deal today. Lloyd is determined on having a miners meeting. Some men from Columbia Flat went to work in the ravine near the ranch. Nothing more.

Saturday 10 – Worked today as usual. Turned very cold today and our dirt very hard to wash, can wash but little. Nothing more today.

Sunday 11 – Arranged everything for a miners meeting on Lloyd’s account but there were but few in attendance. Stayed about the cabin all day. The meeting did not come off, there being no miners of consequence found. The ground covered with snow in the morning but it went off about noon.

Monday 12 – Rained and snowed all day and continued raining until bed time. Worked today as usual. Pa and Shults went to the Point after dinner and got some beef and a hoe. Nothing more today.

Tuesday 13 – Rained and snowed all day. Done no work today. Pa and myself went to the Point after dinner. I bought a pair of boots $4 and like to have got into a fight with George Kline. Shively came up to see Shaw and Lawrance for witnesses in Lloyd’s case. Lloyd still at the Point.

Wednesday 14 – Worked all day as usual moved the penstalk and hose. Also cut some trees down and mashed a couple of boxes. Nothing more today, I believe.

Thursday 15 – Very cold in the morning but turned warm about noon. Cut and burned brush in the forenoon and all of us went to the Point after dinner to attend the lawsuit of Lloyd V.S. Haun, but it did not come off.

Friday 16 – All of us attended the suit today. It was tried and went in favor of Lloyd, of course. We came back about supper time. Pa entered a complaint against Lloyd for attempting to use a drawing knife on him. He was bound over to keep the peace for 6 months under the penalty of $250.

Saturday 17 – George Poor came up in the forenoon to summons me as a witness in the case, also Shaw and Lawrance. All of us went to the Point except Pa. After we got there Lawrance went after him and he came and had the trial and put Lloyd under bonds of $250 for 6 months.

Sunday 18 – All of us went to the Point in the forenoon and stayed until noon and came back. I done some washing in the afternoon big Pike came up after dinner. He and the rest of our partners went to his diggings. A beautiful day.

Monday 19 – Worked today with the pipe but did not make much. I went up the ditch in the morning and turned on all of the water and stopped several holes in the ditch. All of us went to the Point after supper but there was no trial so we came back. Nothing more today.

Tuesday 20 – Worked all day as usual and made but little A beautiful day. No more.

Wednesday 21 – Worked all day as usual. Nothing of interest transpired today. Cleaned some bedrock. We took out a piece of hose to attach to our other to give it more force. We went to the Point after supper to see if we could get a new trial but was beaten. Nothing more.

Thursday 22 – Pa, Shaw and myself went to the Point in the forenoon. I went up to Brays to get him to go Pa’s security in the suit. Pa started for Marysville. He heard he gained the suit with Vaughn in the Superior Court. Shaw and I came home and went to work in the digging and took out $42.50. Pike and Shults came up after supper and set a while. I weighed out $1,003 for Shaw as security in the suit.

Friday 23 – Shaw and I worked for Lawrance and ground sluicing. Dave Shults came up to the cabin after supper and set a while. Nothing more.

Saturday 24 – Shults and Lawrance helped us set the hose and penstalk in the forenoon. Shaw and I washed in the after and took out $33.

Sunday 25 – All of us went to the Point in the forenoon. Shaw got some butter and I got a couple of letters from Timbermans–one for Pa and one for myself. Pa’s was from court below. Nothing else I believe today.

Monday 26 – Shaw and I piped all day and took out $15.50. Cloudy today a little. Shults came up after supper. Nothing more today.

Tuesday 27 – Lawrance worked with me and Shae, with Shults being a little  sick we took out 3 oz $6.50 clouded up in the evening late and sprinkled a little after supper. Pa not back yet. Nothing more today.

Wednesday 28 – Lawrance and I worked together today and took out $24.50.

Thursday 29 – Worked with Lawrance as usual and got $18. Pa not back yet. Lawrance’s diggings pay pretty well.

Friday 30 – Found it raining in the morning and continued all day. Lawrance and I went to the Point in the morning to get some picks sharpened and bought one from Root. Lloyd was there, drunk as usual. Sterling and his partner came up about noon to look at the diggings. All of us cleaned bedrock and got $32.50. Nothing more interesting today.

Saturday 31 – Rained constantly all day. Shaw and I cleaned bedrock all day and took out $1.14. Lawrance done pretty well today. No more today.

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James Haun Diary, December 1853

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Thursday 1 – Fine weather. Got gold today $34.50.

Friday 2 – We were nearly all day ground sluicing, washing off the top dirt that has no gold in it.1 Got gold $2.50.

Saturday 3 – Fine weather. Got gold today $23.

Sunday 4 – Very pleasant indeed. We go about with cotton and flannel shirts on, pants and no drawers, and comfortable at that. There is some snow yet in spots. Off a few miles it is quite deep.
It commenced raining this afternoon, but very moderately. I finished my bathing box this evening. Wouldn’t I like to see you bathe in my new box? O, yes. Last night I washed a shirt, a pair of socks and then washed myself.
I sat down before the fire an hour and thought–are we so far apart? I sometimes think that you are on your way from Marysville up into these mountains. Why do I keep thinking so. O, foolish thoughts.
John went down to the Point and mailed a letter to his ma. I read the testament of late a good deal. I scarcely see a newspaper.

Monday 5 – Cloudy got gold today $23.00.

Tuesday 6 – Clear and pleasant. Gold today $11.00.

Wednesday 7 – I went over to the American Valley to prospect and stayed until Sunday the 11th. I started home. I and John met on the road as we came to our cabin. I did not succeed in finding a good prospect.
It was quite foggy at the valley and rainy. They got no gold today—

Thursday 8 – Got gold today $1.00.

Friday 9 – Got gold today $9.00. Rained this evening and changed to snow.

Saturday 10 – Snowing off and on all day, no work done.

Sunday 11 – Fine day. No snow in the valley but the mountains around is covered, even the green trees is made white.

Monday 12 – The coldest night we’ve had last night. Was cloudy all day. Seven of us got gold today $12.50, but three of the seven is sinking a hole and was at it all last week. It is 20 feet deep, 5 feet wide, dirt on top the rest is rotten through with round boulders and rock. The water comes in quite fast, but we want to see the bedrock and see if there ain’t gold there. John’s birthday was Sunday the 11th. We had nothing extra on the occasion. Snow six inches deep Tuesday morning.

Tuesday 13 – Got gold today $5.00.

Wednesday 14 – Got gold today $5. Somewhat cool.

Thursday 15 – Got gold today $1. Quite cool.

Friday 16 – Froze up the water in the ditch.

Saturday 17 – Still cold of nights, and mornings no water to wash with. All hands a-prospecting but me. I am making pick handles.
Washed out the square box at the spring. Got gold $__. The men in the other cabin had a big fuss among themselves, whiskey is the cause. Not settled yet.

Sunday 18 – John Dobson came over to my cabin and brought his provisions.

Monday 19 – Nothing done. All in confusion.

Tuesday 20 – Snowed all night and today one foot deep.

Wednesday 21 – Can’t work, water is froze up.

Thursday 22 – Beautiful weather overhead, the snow is settled down some.

Friday 23 – Dobson and I went down to the Point. No letters yet for me. What can the matter be?
I paid Thompson $75.00 and we got $8.75 worth of fresh meat and little notions for a Christmas dinner. I got a new red flannel shirt.

Saturday 24 – Dobson and John set to and made a lot of mince pies for a start.

Sunday 25 – Up before day as usual and caught the boys in a Christmas gift all right. I hauled on my new red shirt. Ate breakfast and then the Johns to making peach pies and plum puddings for dinner, all to our three selves. It snowed on Friday night and Saturday six inches deep on the top of what was on the ground.

Monday 26 – Quite cool today. We cannot work, our ditch is froze dry. We were all day sewing. I lined my casinette pants outside in front with cotton and put a big patch on the seat of the same. Covered the bottom of my socks with cotton and made me a pair of mittens out of the legs of John’s blue pants.

Tuesday 27 – Quite pleasant today, and warm. We three went prospecting, did not get down.

Wednesday 28 – We went a-prospecting and did not as much as get the color. Warm and cloudy. Commend snowing this evening.

Thursday 29 – Continued our prospecting from Tuesday.

Friday 30 – Sunk a hole on the creek in back of the cabin, pitching bedrock.

Saturday 31 – Washed several pans, got better as we went uphill. We knocked off before night. Ate dinner and John washed three shirts and three pairs of socks for him and me. We’ve had nothing to do with the men in the other cabin since the fuss. One of them told me that they were building a cabin up Nelson Creek and were going to move their provisions as soon as they could. I suppose we will have these diggings all to our three selves.

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James Haun Diary, June 1853

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Wednesday 151 – For medicine, $.50
For mending boot, $.60
For Breakfast in Marysville, $.50
To ferrying about, each $25-50
To carpet wallet, $2.00

Thursday 16 – To packing up cloths

Friday 17 – To starting on tramp and packing gun and wallet at the Ten Mile House
To apple pie and Buttermilk, each $.50, $1.00

We traveled 17 miles and put up for the night. Our feet badly blistered.

Saturday 18 – To supper, breakfast, each $2.00, $4.00.
We are resting at the Oregon House. 7 1/2 miles this morning; our feet quite sore. We continued our tramp until near night and took super, which cost us $1.00 each, $2.00.
We then continued our walk some time in the night in company with a Virginian who had a horse that carried our wallet and coats. We three then spread down his blankets under a pine tree and went to sleep.

Sunday 19 – Got up early Sunday morning and packed up, started on our way. Stopped and took Breakfast, each1$, $2.00.
We continued journey until 1:00 o’clock P.M., put up for the day at Strawberry Valley. Ate supper and lodging, $1.25 each, $2.50.

Monday 20 – Early in the morning we started for Grass Valley. Arrived early in evening. The 4 day travel is called 75 miles. We breakfasted about 10 today, cost us 1$ each, $2.00.
The last 5 miles we passed a quantity of snow some 2 or 3 feet deep in spots about on the ground. Our feet is quite sore, yet while I write there is several men playing at cards, which is the case everywhere I been in public houses, Sundays not excepted.

Supper each $1, $2.00.

Tuesday 21 – Breakfast each 1$, $2.00.
Old Virginia left his horse today for Major Brookey to ride as he got on a spree last night and was not able to travel today. John and I shouldered the gun and wallet and Old Virginia with us off we started for Nelson’s Creek. Its called 18 miles over high mountains and snow, some 3 or 4 miles over snow that was 10 feet deep. We passed through Onion Valley where the snow had been 50 feet deep. The natives showed me a pine tree near their houses that was trimmed for the wood. That looked as high to me as the sycamores I trimmed for Sam Thompson.
The last five miles was down the mountain that we had been on top of. We got so weared in our knees that we was often compelled to an sit down and rest. We made the tramp in the afternoon in good time and put up with Dr. Vaughn, a brother of Jim Ware’s wife. I had not long been here before he asked me if I was not a brother of Judge Haun’s. I asked him why he asked the question. He said because we favored. I then told him I was an elder brother. We are within 30 steps of the mouth of Nelson Creek that emits in the middle fork of Feather River. There is a continual roaring of the water. There is diggins all about here.

Supper each $1, $2.00.

Wednesday 22 – Breakfast each $1, $2.00
Dinner each $1, $2.00
Set about all day. In the evening saw 5 dollars washed out.
Supper each $1, $2.00

Thursday 23 – Breakfast each 1$, $2.00

The balance of our company arrived last evening. Lying by today. Expect to start a-prospecting in the morning after breakfast.
I went in a bathing. I found it cold at the middle fork of Feather River just above the mouth of Nelson Creek. I then went a little up Nelson Creek I saw four men digging. They took out $8 per man.

Dinner each $1, $2.00

Our guide continues to drink. I’ve done nothing today but visit the diggings as we could not get off ourselves, it being my birthday, and 42 years old at that.

I was anxious to start a-gold hunting. This evening I saw two pans, the work of six hands today–about 4 oz2 all told.

Supper each $1, $2.00

Friday 24 – Breakfast each 1$, $2.00
1 pair blankets, $8.00
1 pan, Iron, for washing gold, $2.00
6 lbs meat and bread, $2.40

Old Virginia, John and I started up Nelson Creek to prospect. We called a halt at Independence 2 1/2 miles. At noon we crossed Nelson Creek and took up Dickson Creek. Washed out several pans and got the color every pan.3 Old Virginia said it would not do. We came down again to Nelson Creek and took tea. Our supper consisted of soda crackers, cold roast beef, and midlen meat and water. We spread our blankets and down we lay for the night. O, that hard bed —

Saturday 25 – Our breakfast was of the same, that our supper consisted of. Crossed Nelson Creek and commenced panning out. We got the color, but Old Virginia said it would not pay, so we put out for the mouth Nelson Creek. Took dinner and supper of the same, stopped at the inn to eat breakfast, each of us.

Sunday 26 – I washed some of my clothes and shaved. I wrote my fourth letter to my wife. John added a few lines and gave it to the express man. I paid him 25 cents to put it in the office at Marysville.
Cloudy all day. It snowed an inch or two deep on the mountain a traveler said. It rained here late in the evening.

Dinner each $1
Supper for John, $1

Monday 27 – Breakfast each $1

Clear cool but pleasant.

Tuesday 28 – Out hunting for gold.

Wednesday 29 – Out hunting for gold.

Thursday 30 – Out hunting for gold.

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