Robin Ruff

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Robin Ruff was a popular poem featuring a dialog in verse between the Robin, and an old man, Gaffer Green. This copy is incomplete, including only the Gaffer Green side of the conversation.

Robin Ruff

The best wish you could have, take
my word Robin Ruff,
twould scarce find you in bread or in
be honest and be true and say what
would you
If you had but a thousand a year?

But its when you are aged and gray,
Robin Ruff,
and the
 day of your death it draws nigh,
say what with your pain would you
 with your gain
if you had but a
 thousand a year?

There’s a place that is better than this
Robbin Ruff
and I hope in my heart
 you may go there
where the poor man’s 
as great though he
had no estate
as if he had but a thousand a year

Robin Ruff, if you had a but a thousand a year!

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May 31 1861 – John J. Haun to Mollie Burns

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A love note from John J. Haun to Mollie Burns with accompanying couplet and flowers.

Compliments of J.J. Haun to Miss Mollie, with the hope that she will accept of this bouquet.

May 31st 1861

P.S. excuse writing and all other mistakes as I am nervous J.J. Haun

No rose with Mary can compare.
Give me thy heart and I’ll live there.

Metadata: Sender’s location: Georgetown, KY | Recipient’s location: Georgetown, KY

John Haun Diary, March 1856

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Saturday 1 – The house caught a fire from the stove pipe up stairs but no damage done. Some fellows had a fight before day. We all started for the Point after breakfast a while and got there about noon. We stopped at Sherwin’s a while and had some fun. I took dinner at Fox’s and started home but Lizzie stayed. I started for the Point late in the evening and met Fox and Lizzie coming home. Also met Dave going to the Point in the evening to carry some letters to the office. I met Duesler going to the Point. Dave and Duesler came back and Duesler stayed all night. Bill had a fight and got whipped as usual, got his eye gouged smartly but came home after supper. Nothing else today.

Sunday 2 – Stayed about the house all forenoon. Duesler came to see if we were going to the American Ranch. We had a long talk about it. Duesler left for the Point before dinner. Dave and I sewed some on the hose after dinner. Pa came out after a while and sewed on them also. I came to the house and made me a book to keep a journal in. Some girls stopped at the cabin awhile on their way home but I was not at the house.

Monday 3 – I went to the Point after breakfast to see about some butter of Brays being brought over to Massack I took a pair of shoes back to Timberman’s that was got for Ma  I took dinner at home and started for the diggings and got there early in the evening I saw Mat Wheeler at the Point just from below John Shults was in the place of Carroll. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 4 – Beautiful day clear, and pretty. Bray, Shults and I shoveled in the boxes all day. We had a good head of water. We did not clean up. Fox had no hand to play.

Wednesday 5 – Shoveled in the boxes all forenoon and cleaned up after dinner and got but very little we then went prospecting.  We sunk a hole in a ravine above the cabin but got nothing, then commenced another in the big ravine near the cabin, but did not finish it. Fox absent a hand today.

Thursday 6 – Bray, Shults, and I went up the ravine and finished out hole but got nothing. We went up the ditch to prospect but did not sink a single hole. Bray got separated from us and we did not see him anymore until he came to the cabin. We came on home and I met a couple of men that lived on the Massack ravine and they gassed considerably about the law suit. They bought somebody’s rights and title in the Terwilliger water. They showed some bills of sale to the effect.

Friday 7 – Bray a little sick today. Terwilliger still at work. Also the Zark company. Bray, Shults and I started for home. Shults stopped at the ranch. Bray and I came in home found Pa, Dave and Bill at work. Bray took dinner with us. Pa went to the Point and I worked in his place. We took out $15. John Shults came by the diggings after dinner and went to the Point. Pa bought the American Ranch1 for $5,716. Pleasant all day.

Saturday 8 – Pa and I started for Quincy early in the morning to close the trade with  Jennings. We took dinner and supper with Mrs Jennings’ and we slept at Ward’s. Nothing more today.

Sunday 9 – We took Breakfast with Jennings and started home and got there a little after noon. Pa and Bill went to the Point to see the rest of the company, Bray, Fox &c to see about getting somebody to stay at Massack diggings to attend to the ditch.

The end of the book. First March 1856.

Widow Machre2
Widow Machree its no wonder you frown,
Och, hone! Widow Machree;
Faith it ruins your looks that same dirty black gown
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
How altered your air,
With that close cap you wear—
‘Tis destroying your hair
Which should be flowing free;
Be no longer a churl
Of its black silken curl,
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
“Widow Marchree now the summer is come,
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
When everything smiles, should a beauty look glum?
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
See the birds in pairs,
And the rabbits and hares—
Why even the bears
Now in couples agree;
And the mute little fish,
Cant speak, though they wish
Och, hone! Widow Machree;
Widow Marchree, and when winter comes in,
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
To be poking the fire all alone is a sin,
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
Why the shovel and tongs to teach
To each other belongs
And the kettle sings songs
Full of family glee,
While alone with your cup,
Like a hermit you’ll sup,
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
“And how do you know, with the comforts, I have told,
Och, hone! Widow Machree;
But you’re keeping some poor fellow all out in the cold
Och, hone! Widow Machree;
With such sins on your head,
Sure your peace would be fled,
Could you sleep in your bed,
Without thinking to see,
Some ghost or some sprite
That would wake you each night
Crying, “Och, hone! Widow Machree.”
Then take my advice, darling Widow Machree.
Och, hone! Widow Machree.
And with my advice, why I wish you’d take me,
Och, hone! Widow Machree,
You have me to desire
Then to stir up the fire;
And sure hope is no liar
In whispering to me,
That the ghost would depart
When you’d me near your heart
Och, hone! Widow Machree.

Monday 10 – I started after breakfast for Marysville. Got with a man at the Point named Tell that got his feet frozen about Christmas. He was on his way to  San Francisco. We took dinner at the American house Gibsonville. Tell got some blankets that he left on his way up. I assisted him in carrying them to Rabbit Creek. We met Jon Thompson3 and his pack train about 3 miles from Gibsonville coming to the Point for the first time this spring. They were nearly worried out in the snow. We got to the Creek a little before 3 o’clock I saw Brown and Neal. I stayed the balance of the evening in town. Tell went to Secret diggings, distant 1 1/2 miles, and came back after supper. Stayed all night at the A. Creek house. A pleasant day. No more.

Tuesday 11 – We started before day and took breakfast at the American house and dinner at the New York House. Our feet got very sore and we washed them in a branch. We stopped at a house 20 miles of Marysville kept by Abbott. Took super and stayed all night. Nothing more today. We stopped before sunset.

Wednesday 12 – We started about 2 hours before day on our road. We could hardly see the road. We took breakfast at the Peoria House about 15 miles from Marysille. We got to Marysville about 2 o’clock and we took dinner at Frank’s Restaurant. I then went to the stable and found Durrich. I got his horse and went out to H.P.’s. Found  them all well. Mrs Weston House was there. H.P. came out shortly afterwards. Nothing else today.

Thursday 13 – I went to town with H.P. in the forenoon and stayed until late in the evening. I bought a pair of fine boots for $7.25 and took my watch to a jewelers to get repaired. Kath went home with Mrs. Weston House and left little Kate down there &c &c.

Friday 14 – I started in the morning for Bourn’s Ranch. It commenced raining after I started and continued all day. I got very wet and cold. I got there about 4 o’clock. I dried myself and clothes and stayed all night but got no money. Nothing more today.

Saturday 15 – I took breakfast and went in and seen his wife and daughter and talked awhile with them and started home.  Bub promised to bring down the money within a week I got to H.P.’s after 3 o’clock. They were all away from home but Rath. They came in about supper time.

Sunday 16 – We all went up to the upper Ranch to look at the grain. I stayed about the house the balance of the day. H.P., Fox, Durrich and I started for Weston House but we met Miss America and a Mr Shepard so we turned back. They took Tea before they left &c.

Monday 17 – We all went to town to the election and stayed all day. Great excitement all day. Seen several fights during the day  Jack and Durrick stayed  all night. I came out with H.P. We forded the river today. Nothing else of consequence to day.

Tuesday 18 – I went to town again today and stayed until evening and we all came out to the ranch. I saw Dr. Reins and got some medicine from him. Nothing today unusual.

Wednesday 19 – Jack and I went to the upper Ranch to look at the grain. Came back and went to the garden while the hands were building a fence after dinner and went to town. Bill Rains came to the stable in the afternoon to get some oxen to take to American Valley. Bill and I took a walk around town. Jack came out to the Ranch and stayed all night. Kath and family went to town today visiting &c &c.

Thursday 20 – Jack and I drove up the oxen to look at them and pick out a couple yoke to take to the mountains. Mrs Buchannan and Taylor spent the day with Kath. Bill and I went to town in the evening and stayed until night and came out to the Ranch. H.P. sold a yoke of cattle to a man from Downieville. Nothing else today.

Friday 21 – Bill Rains started for home this morning with the oxen. Durrick just commencing at the stable again. I went to town again today with H.P. and Jack. Very warm today. No more.

Saturday 22 – H.P. and family started for Nevada City this morning on a visit. Jack and I drove up the colts from off the plains to work them. Jack, Joe Ficklin and I went to town in the evening they rode the colts and I Durricks horse to get him shod, his feet being sore.

Sunday 23 – Jack, Joe and I harnessed up the colts to the buggy and drove them around a little. Jack had some visitors in the evening but soon went away. We harnessed up again and drove down to the river and came back and found old Bourne at the house with no money for me. He stayed all night. Nothing else today.

Monday 24 – Jack and I went to town in the morning and worked the colts. They came pretty near running off with us. I bought a pair of pants for $8. We drove to the upper Ranch to look at the grain. H.P. got home about supper time. Cloudy and looked very much like rain. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 25 – H.P. Jack and I went to town. Worked the colts. Old Mart Edwards and I went to the trial of some Chinamen and heard their sentence for stealing. It was 15 lashes &c &c. I stayed all night at the stable with Durrick. I made preparations for starting in the morning for home. Nothing else new today.

Wednesday 26 – Started about 5 o’clock in the morning for home. We took breakfast at Zabriskyey’s and stopped at the New York House for dinner but I did not eat any. We got to Columbus House about 4 o’clock. I then took it afoot and got to the diamond spring house took supper and stayed all night. Nothing otherwise today.

Thursday 27 – I got up and started on my road and took breakfast at the American House and went on to Rabbit Creek and got somethings out of the trunk and started about 9 o’clock. I saw Brown as I was leaving town, and I met John Buckby on his way to the states I took dinner at the Mountain Cottage in Gibsonville and started on. Got to Onion Valley about 3 o’clock and got home about supper time. I stopped a while with Mrs Reel. I heard that Pa was sick at the Valley. Nothing else of interest today.

Friday 28 – I started in the morning for the valley. It rained off and on all day. Bill was hauling rails to the house we went home and got dinner and I helped him the balance of the evening. We pulled out a fellow that got stalled in the mud. He broke one of his yokes. The doctor came to see Pa in the evening.

Saturday 29 – I started in the morning for Nelson Point. I got something to eat at the cabin and started to Rocky Bar to see if I could borrow some money of Dover. I got the promise of it. Rained all day. I stopped a while in Lawrance’s cabin. I came home in the evening pretty hungry. Jim Shults started to the valley about noon. Nothing else today.

Sunday 30 – Found the snow about 6 inches deep in the morning and still snowing. Dave and I went up the big ditch to bring down the water but fount it coming and the reservoir full. We cleaned out the trash and put in cross pieces where they were broken. We got all of the water down. We then got wood the balance of the day from across the ravine. Bill Rains came over about noon and got some things & went back. He rode Bass’ mare. Nothing else today.

Monday 31 – The snow about 8 or 10 inches deep this morning. We went up the pike ditch and got the water down and laid the hose at the diggings. Shults came from the valley about noon and went to the Point after dinner and stayed all night. Dave and I cut a tree down after dinner that was in the way at the diggings. We piped all evening and cleaned up the boxes and got about $5 did not weigh it. Winnowed some today. Nothing else today of interest.

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