June 1856

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Sunday 1 – Rained off and on all day and night. I stayed at the ranch all forenoon and started home after dinner and got as far as the Illinois Ranch. I saw H. Bray, he told me were absent a hand at Massack.  I went back to Quincy before night and stayed all night. Ma and Lizzie called on Mrs Bass after supper. Nothing else worthy of notice.

Monday 2 – I hired a man by the name of Riddle. I rode a horse that Sterling had brought over to Quincy. I rode as far as the Illinois Ranch and then took it afoot home. Arrived at home about noon got in company with Butts. I found some men using our boxes and water in the ravine above the ranch. I got dinner and prospected O’Gradys ravine again but only got the color. I went to the Point and then to Rocky Bar and staid all night. I found Butts there trying to borrow money.

Tuesday 3 – I went to work with the boys in the lower claims getting ready for washing. Lem and I sluiced off some dirt and rocks I worked in Jim Shults’ place he having a sore hand and ankle. Dave Haun came home from Rabbit Creek about supper time with a new pipe it cost $30. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 4 – Moved rocks in the forenoon and put on the pipe and commenced washing. The pipe worked finely. Nothing more of consequence today.

Thursday 5 – Dave and I went up to the old cabins in the morning and got some old hose of ours to cover the gum with and to attach to the gum To make it longer. We raised out boxes about two feet to get clear of the tailings. We got ready for washing. Dave got a letter from H.P. Nothing else today.

Friday 6 – Lem and I went to raising the troughs higher that run from the reservoir to the penstalk, and caulking them. A tree fell across the big flume and cut it in two and broke it. In the evening above the Point we put a blast in a big log that lay on the bank but it did not burst it so we rolled it down the hill and set fire to it. Dave sewed some old hose on the gum we commenced piping after dinner but soon quit. Dave took the pipe to the Point got it riveted. It was coming apart at the hose. Lem and I finished putting old hose on 50 feet of ground while Dave and Kyler made a box for the lower end. Very windy and cloudy late in the evening. Dave bought a keg of butter and some nails–butter 70 lbs.

Saturday 7 – Did not pipe in the forenoon, the flume being broke above the Point. We ground our axes &c. We piped all afternoon. Kyler and I went to where old Frank worked to see if we could get some old hose to cover the gum but we did not.

Sunday 8 – Stayed about the house in the forenoon, except Jim Shults. He started for the valley. Lem, Kyler and I went to the Point after dinner. We heard Pa had got in with some cattle. Lem and I started and over took him between the saw mill and Willow Ranch. Tom Hickman was with him on Durrick’s horse. We went a little ways with them and turned back and went by the cabins and diggings. I got a boot and some little articles and took my boots to the Point to get mended. We then started for the bar and got there about super time. I read a while and we went to bed. Sam Ballou told me we were absent a hand at Massack. Nothing else today.

Monday 9 – Worked today as usual wheeling out rocks in the forenoon and piping on the after. The flume broke in the evening. Kyler and I quit work in the evening late. Kyler took a nap. I went up I got a book, gun and Dave’s coat. I loaned the gun Mc. Kyler and I commenced night work. We run all night with a good head of water. Nothing else

Tuesday 10 – We went to bed about breakfast and slept until noon. We helped Dave and Lem roll out a stump. I then wrote some in my journal we worked after supper but the water was soon out. Nothing else.

Wednesday 11 – We all got out rocks preparing for piping. Kyler rolled a rock the wheel barrow and broke one handle. We took a nap after dinner. There were five or six ladies visiting on the bar this evening. I chatted a while with Mrs Reel.
Our leading troughs broke down. Dave and Lem soon put them up again they piped a while in the evening. Nothing more.

Thursday 12 – Commenced piping today and continued all forenoon, or nearly so. Our leading trough fell down near the reservoir. Dave and Lem and a couple of Sterling’s company went to mend it. They finished it after dinner. Dave and Lem made a box and put it in ahead to get closer to the bank. Kyler and I and the man in Shults’ place carried some bottoms down in the evening. There and I took a nap after dinner to get ready for night. The water failed. A very warm day, the warmest we have had.

Friday 13 – We piped in the forenoon and rolled out rocks in the evening. We put in another box about sunset. Another warm day. I felt badly all day from taking cold. Nothing more interesting today.

Saturday 14 – I did not work in the forenoon. Dave and Lem put in a box on the forenoon. They had a pretty hard bedrock to cut. No water in the flume today, it being broken down. Kyler started for the valley this morning. Dave and I went after dinner. Very warm today. I felt sick in the forenoon but got better after walking awhile. Nothing else today.

Sunday 15 – I stayed about the house pretty nearly all forenoon. I went down to the American House and Kyler came in from Elizabethtown. Davies went up home with us and stayed awhile. Kyler left his horse for us to take the Point. We started about 3 o’clock. We came by the cabins and I got my fiddle and got to the bar about dark. Tom Hickman started for Massack but we met him coming back. He had forgotten something. Nothing else.

Monday 16 – We were all forenoon getting out the rocks. Lem and McMan away. Piped down Saturday night. We commenced piping in the evening but after we run an hour the water failed. Dave sewed up a place in the old hose that burst. We run out rocks the balance of the evening.

Tuesday 17 – Moved rocks in the forenoon and commenced piping in the evening. Our hose burst. I sewed them and we continued all day. We run off a great quantity of dirt. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 18 – Run our rocks in the forenoon. We hired another man today. We sewed some old hose on the gum after ripping them up. Kyler and I laid by part of the evening to work at night we commenced after supper but water soon failed.

Thursday 19 – Worked as usual rolling out rocks. I sewed some  on the old hose that covers the gum. Pa and Wheeler came in about noon as we were eating dinner. Kyler and I worked all night we got wet and cold.

Friday 20 – Kyler and I slept until noon.  we worked as usual after dinner I sewed a patch on some hose the new hose  Kyler and I sawed some logs and Pa cut away some brush on the bank the rest of the company run out rocks

Saturday 21 – Piped in the forenoon and run off considerable dirt. We piped some in the evening but had to quit, not having water enough. Our tailings would not run off. We put on another box after dinner. Dave and I made it in the forenoon. We run out rocks the balance of the evening. Pa and Kyler started for the valley. Nothing else today.

Sunday 22 – We went to the Point in the forenoon and stayed awhile. We came home and got something to eat and then went up to Independence Bar to see the new ladies that lately arrived. We stayed about two hours and came home. Pretty cool all day. Nothing else interesting today.

Monday 23 – We raised our boxes in the forenoon and got ready for washing. We rocked our boxes and got pretty nearly an ounce. We piped all evening and run out a great deal of dirt. Our penstalk burst in the evening. We mended it up again Kyler came home about supper. Jim Shults came home about noon. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 24 – Run out rocks in the forenoon and piped in the evening. H.P. came to the diggings in the evening from below. Dave and I made so me boxes in the forenoon. I went to the Point in the evening and got a bottle of whiskey for H.P. He stayed all night. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 25
– We dug up some dirt for H.P., a couple of pans, and got about $2 each. I went with him as far as the Willow Ranch on his way to Quincy. I came by some prospectors in the foot of the big ravine. I got our sluice box and other tools and the gum hose and put them in the cabin. I got some picks and a pair of pants and started for home. I got to the Bar about noon. Reynolds was repairing the flume near the reservoir. We piped all evening and Sterlings piping with us. The coupling of the hose came off in the evening late. We run off considerable ground for Sterling. Windy all evening and cold. No more.

Thursday 26 – Commenced setting our boxes in the morning to clean up but did not shovel in any until after dinner. We rolled some logs together about noon and set fire to them. We cleaned up and got $10. Rained and snowed about sunset but quit after supper. Timberman and Ward came to diggings on the evening, also Ebe Moorehead, Gilky and Griffin. We staked off our line between us and Sterling. The rain was very cold in the evening. The boys threw heads and tails for some pants after supper. Nothing else of interest today.

Friday 27
– Cleaned up all day and got about 2 oz.  Cold in the morning. No more.

Saturday 28 – Pretty cold in the morning. Cleaned up today and took out 3 1/2 oz.

Sunday 29 – We all went to the Point and I went to the diggings at Willow Ranch and to Pike’s cabin and saw the men that were prospecting. I sold them a piece of ground for $15–$5 in cash. I brought down my blankets, a couple of hoses, a sluice fork and pan. We all went to Independence Bat but I did not stay long. Kyler and I came to the bar and found H.P. and Pa there. We got supper and went to the Point to a show.

Monday 30 – Pa and H.P. went to the Point. H.P. started for Marysville. Pa came to the bar again and stayed until after dinner and him and Lem started for the valley. He wanted Lem to work on the ranch. We wheeled off clay. Dave went to Independence Bar and bought a wheel barrow for $10. Nothing else new today.

July 1854

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Saturday 1 – Still in Joe’s Ravine. All hands took out 38$. Nothing else today.

Sunday 2 – Stayed about the cabin all day. The rest of the company went to the Point. Our diggings are reported to be very good. Sold some bacon and flour to the company near the saw mill. Shaw is talking about selling out his interest to Hawkins. Nothing more today.

Monday 3 – Lloyd and I sunk a hole across the foot of the big ravine carried the boxes over but did not set them. Hawkins and his company came up to try and buy Shaw out but don’t know how he will succeed. Shaw went to the Point after super for the purpose of selling out, I suppose. The sheriff came up to notify Pa to appear before court to answer as defendant against Dr. Vaughn for the sum of 100$. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 4 – Done no work today. All of us went to the Point except Lloyd. A big celebration was held at Independence Bar with several orations and a ball at night. They started after dinner for the bar. Also the Russian army accompanied by a brass band. All of the ladies from American Valley and vicinity were there. Had a settlement with Vaughn for some work I done for him last summer. I saw our old claims we first worked in. Walked on Sherwin’s flume nearly all of the way to the biggest day that ever was seen on Nelson Creek. We came back in time for supper.

Wednesday 5 – Nothing particularly new today. Worked near the foot of the big ravine. Lloyd and I washed in the evening but made nothing. The rest of the company took out one ounce yesterday and today. About the warmest weather we have had this summer. Pa and Shaw went to the Point after supper, there being a ball at Roots and Lewis1.

Thursday 6 – Clear but very warm today. Worked in the big ravine with Lloyd and made nothing. As usual, a great many men around prospecting. Went after work for milk.

Friday 7 – Nothing new today. Made about $2. Lynch came over about noon and stayed  all night looking around for diggings. He sold out at H hill for $400 and is now prospecting.

Saturday 8 – Lloyd and myself worked in the big ravine on the forenoon and made nothing. The sheriff came up after Pa to attend court at the Point. Lloyd and myself went after dinner. They had a trial and the judge went against us $80 cost. Lloyd got drunk as usual. We are all in a hell of an uproar. Pa in a hell of a stew. Nothing else today, but bad feeling all day. Shaw sick today.

Sunday 9 – Pa and myself started for American Valley after breakfast and arrived there about 9 o’clock. Went to get a lawyer to attend to his case, employed a man by the name of Cox. Heard a Methodist preacher for a short time at Elizabethtown. Took dinner at Bradley and started home. Arrived at the Willow Ranch before sunset a good while. Shaw still sick and found Lloyd drunk asleep. Lloyd brought me a letter from the Point from home dated May 26 18542.

Monday 10 – Went to the Point with Pa and Lloyd to get our picks so as to go to work. Came back about noon and went to work in the evening in the big ravine. Pa went to Onion Valley to see about the suit. I got to thinking about home and the changes that have taken place in one year. Nothing else new today.

Tuesday 11 – Lloyd and myself still in the same place; set boxes in the forenoon and went to washing. Three of us took out $44. Pa putting in new bottoms in boxes. Warm today, but not as warm as yesterday. No more.

Wednesday 12 – Nothing particularly new today. Lloyd and myself still at work in the same place. Took out about $8. Nothing else today.

Thursday 13 – Worked all day. Notwithstanding, I felt very badly from a severe cold. Lloyd renewed his notice after dark. Nothing else new today.

Friday 14 – Nothing particularly new today. Worked alone today. Lloyd having a sore finger a raising on it. Made nothing today. Nothing else new today.

Saturday 15 – Worked alone in the forenoon, cut a ditch. Worked with Shaw in the evening and took out $30. Lloyd did not work and Pa, being sick again. Got wet again, of course.

Sunday 16 – A beautiful day. We went over to the diggings after breakfast. Shaw and myself to clean up the boxes and got about $7. Stayed about the cabin nearly all day. Shaw took some picks to get sharpened. Pa and Lloyd both sick. Lloyd and I went to the ranch about sunset. Nothing new today.

Monday 17 – Nothing new today, more than usual. I worked with Shaw above in the ravine, Pa being sick and Lloyd’s sore finger did not clean up at night. Charley Allen came by and stayed  all night Pa killed a squirrel as we went to work nothing else today

Tuesday 18 – I worked with Shaw in the same place and took out $23 Allen started for the Point in the morning Pa and Lloyd still down

Wednesday 19 – Pretty cool today. Charley Allen came by on his way to the valley. Shaw and I still in the same place. Stripped off top dirt all day–made nothing of course. Pa and Lloyd went up the ditch to let in all of the water and found some men at work near the head of the ditch. Went after milk &c &c.

Thursday 20 – Shaw and myself still in the same place and took out $29. Shaw and myself went to the Point after supper for some potatoes, came back in the night. Pa also went to the Point after dinner. Nothing new today.

Friday 21 – Nothing new today more than usual. Shaw and I cleaned up the first thing in the morning and took out $23. Pa and Lloyd unable to work. Pa, Shaw and Lloyd went up to the head of the ditch where some men were using our water. They turned it on again, left me alone to work with the pipe stripping top dirt.

Saturday 22 – Shaw and myself in the same place. Stripped off top dirt and washed some bottom also, took over 2 oz. The men up the ditch keep taking our water without leave or license. Pa and Lloyd not able to work yet.

Sunday 23 – All of us went over to the bald mountain where the water comes from that runs into American Valley, went to the head of it and got back about noon. Shaw and myself went to the Point after dinner and took our picks. I came back with the ass packed with potatoes. Nothing else new today.

Monday 24 – Went to work in the foot of the big ravine alone, Lloyd not being able to work. Made nothing. Cloudy in the evening. Pa and Shaw went to the Point after supper. Nothing else new today.

Tuesday 25 – Worked with a hired man Pa and Shaw hired at the Point. Made nothing as usual.

Wednesday 26 – Made nothing today, as usual. Pa and Shaw made pretty good wages today.

Thursday 27 – Worked in the same place with the hired man. Took out only $5. Pa and Shaw made a big strike today. All went to Point after supper except Lloyd and myself.

Friday 28 – Still working in the same place sluicing off top dirt. Took out $17. The rest of the company made good wages. Cloudy and thundered very hard about noon and after but no rain. Nothing else more than usual.

Saturday 29 – Ground sluiced all day top dirt. Our water is failing very fast. All of the company went to the Point except Lloyd and I to the trial of Abbott and Sam W.  Nothing otherwise today.

Sunday 30 – Clear and pleasant. Stayed about the cabin all day. Pa and Shaw went to the Point after dinner. We had a big settlement. In the morning they brought up a hired man named Cook to work in Lloyd’s place. Nothing else today more than usual.

Monday 31 – Cooler than usual all day. Worked with the hired man today ground sluicing and dug up some trees, got very tired. Nothing else today.

May 1854

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Monday 1 – The first day of May 1854. Clear in in the morning but cloudy in the evening. Ground sluiced in the forenoon but washed a little after dinner. Dobson and Givens came to the diggings and we quit for the evening. We bought Dobsons interest for $500, $200 down and the rest in 30 days. The first day of May ever brings back pleasant recollections of the past–the May hours spent in pleasant company.

Tuesday 2 – Clear and pretty all day. Washed in the forenoon. I took out $11 and ground sluiced in the evening. Nothing otherwise new today.

Wednesday 3 – Nothing particularly new today. Set and patched up some boxes in the forenoon and washed in the after and took out $19. Yank came up today.

Thursday 4 – Very windy all day. Washed today and took out $11. Quite before sunset and took a couple of picks to the Point to get sharpened. Got a can of fresh butter sent to us by H.P. from Marysville. Stopped awhile at the saw mill. A great many miners about the Point nothing new today.

Friday 5 – Windy all day, turned cool after dark. Done some heavy ground sluicing today  worked hard. Nothing else worthy of note today.

Saturday 6 – Cold cloudy and snowed all day, covered the ground fairly. After supper, done some heavy ground sluicing again today. Got very wet and cold and &c.

Sunday 7 – Found the ground covered with snow in the morning but soon went off. Commenced snowing after dinner and continued until in the night. Dobson and Givens came up about noon. Paid him $200 in part for his claim planted some potatoes in the evening late. Yank came up about breakfast time to play chess.

Monday 8 – Very cold in the morning. Pa went to the Point after breakfast. He received a letter from H.P. stating that Dave had left in January and nobody knew where he had went. Pa bought Fox’s and Kline’s interest in the mountain company paid them $15 and $20—pretty cheap. Done some more heavy ground sluicing today. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 9 – Nothing new today. Cleared away the rocks &c. Washed in the evening and took out $4. Rained a little after dinner but quit about night. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 10 – Washed a little today but not a great deal on account of men stopping at the diggings to talk with us. Clear in the morning but cloudy in the evening. Took out $12. Yank came up after tea to play chess. The saw mill broke the crank of the wheel. We talked of buying hose and pipe to wash the diggings with.

Thursday 11 – Rained off and on all day. Worked all day and only took out 7$. No more today.

Friday 12 – Cloudy at times all day. Done no working in the forenoon on account of some men coming up from the Point to buy in with us. We walked round all forenoon looking around. They took dinner with us before they left with the intention of buying Mathew’s and Curley’s claims if they could. Hawkins and Shaw washed in the afternoon and took out $17. Nothing else today.

Saturday 13 – Rained in the morning but cleared off before noon and turned out to be a pretty day. Worked all forenoon. Hawkins and Shaw came to the diggings after dinner. We done no work after they came. They bought Curley’s and Mathew’s claims. Shaw and I shoveled in a little dirt and took out about an ounce. Nothing more today.

Sunday 14 – Found it raining in the morning but cleared off after breakfast took a couple of picks to the Point. Went to the new store on Sterling flat. Also went to A.D. McDonald’s camp. A great many people at the Point, gamblers mostly. Hawkins and Shaw is to give us $400 and come in equal partners with us. Rained after tea.

Monday 15 – Pleasant all day. Hawkins and Shaw came over after a late breakfast we made up a bill of goods to lay in for the summer. Hawkins started about noon for the valley. We all went to work before before dinner. Pa took a cramp in his back and got very bad after supper.

Tuesday 16 – Shaw and myself worked in the evening and took out $9, no more. Shaw and I worked all forenoon. Hopkins came about noon and worked with us in the afternoon. A cousin of Hawkins’ pa came out after dinner and worked a little, took out $15, no more.

Wednesday 17 – Clear in the forenoon but rained in the after. Commenced working the ravine near the Willow Ranch. Cleaned out the ditch turned the water in and commenced ground sluicing. Pa a little better today. Shaw and Hopkins went to the Point and got him some medicine.

Thursday 18 – Ground sluiced all day. Pa very sick in the evening.

Friday 19 – Set the boxes and went to washing and only took out $6 all fine gold. Pa very bad about supper time in a great deal of pain. No more today.

Saturday 20 – Clear and pretty in the forenoon but raised in the afternoon but cleared off before night. Took out about $9. Pa better today.

Sunday 21 – A clear, pretty day. Thundered a great deal for the last three days. Shaw, Hopkins and myself went up the ditch in the forenoon and found it broke in one or two places. Shaw and Hopkins went to the Point. After we came back Pa received a couple of letters, one from home and one from Iowa. Heard that Dave was in Georgetown. Stayed  at the cabin all day and done washing.

Monday 22 – Went to the Point in the morning for a plan, nails &c to make some new riffles with three of us worked on them. Hawkins came back in the evening with new pipe. Nothing otherwise new today.

Tuesday 23 – Clear in the forenoon but thundered and hailed in the evening. Put the riffles in the boxes in the morning. Done no work in the afternoon. Hawkins Shaw and myself went up the ditch a piece and looked around prospecting. Nothing else new today.

Wednesday 24 – Clear in the forenoon but clouded up and thundered very heavily and rained in the afternoon. Washed in the forenoon and a little while in the after.

Thursday 25 – A clear beautiful day. Washed in the forenoon. Cleaned up the Hungarian riffles1 and set boxes, and took out $13. Hawkins went to the Point in the evening.

Friday 26 – Clear all day. Washed today and took out $18. Hawkins went to the Point in the afternoon to see if our goods had arrived. Hopkins went to the ranch for some milk for supper. The sun appeared red after dinner. Nothing else of note today.

Saturday 27 – Washed today and took out about $42. The goods arrived today. Played a little on my violin after supper. The company talking of buying some more claims. Nothing much today.

Sunday 28 – Cool but pleasant all day. We went to look at some new diggings for the purpose of buying if we liked. Also went to the Point to get some picks sharpened. Pa received a couple if letters from Ky, one from home. Went to the Point again about sunset to take a letter down. Pa good deal better today.

Monday 29 – Very cool in the night and all day. Washed today and took out $62 between the three of us. Pa and Hawkins fixing hose and pipe all day. They went to prospect a claim above the Point in the forenoon. No more today.

Tuesday 30 – Pretty cool in the morning and evening. Washed today and three of us took out $53. Pa and Hawkins still fixing hose and leading troughs. They all came in our cabin after supper to play cards while I played the violin.

Wednesday 31 – Clear but cool for this time of year. Washed today and took out $31. We dug up a tree and fell to across a box and broke it. Pa and Hawkins still at work at the leading troughs and hose and riffles Davies and co moved out of the other cabin today. Nothing more of interest today.

April 1854

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Saturday 1 – Clear in the forenoon but rained a little in the after. Washed some in the forenoon for the purpose of trying a place. Cleared off a place to ground sluice near a big tree that blowed down and made about $6.

Sunday 2 – Rained off and on all day. Washed some clothes and went to the Point in the evening. I stayed until dark. Dobson stayed all night for the purpose of going to Rich Bar1 in the morning to see about a claim.

Monday 3 – A clear beautiful day. Pa went to the Point early in the morning started with the res, Dobson and an old Dutchman named Goodshall. We got there about 11 o’clock. Crossed the river several times in a boat. Stayed all night at Shasta below the bar a piece. Played some on the violin for the first time since I left Marysville. Went around to all of the claims.

Tuesday 4 – We bought an interest in a claim above the bar, the company paying 400$ for it. We started for the Point after dinner and arrived about the middle of the afternoon. The man came with us named Parish to get his pay due. Got some crystallized quarts on the road. Parrish stayed  all night with us.

Wednesday 5 – Clear in the morning but cloudy in the evening. Goodshall his son and two other men came to the cabin in the morning. All of them left for Rich Bar after dinner leaving me alone. They took some provisions with them. I went up to the ditch in the afternoon to see about the water. Stopped several holes and threw out a good many rocks. They paid Parish his money after breakfast and started him home. Nothing else today.

Thursday 6 – Pleasant all day. Worked in the ravine all alone ground sluicing. Pretty lonesome by myself. Rained a little last night. Nothing new today.

Friday 7 – Very pleasant all day. Still alone ground sluiced all day. Had a headache today. John Humphreys came in and stayed awhile after supper.

Saturday 8 – The day of the election at the Point for county judge &. Ground sluiced all day, still alone.

Sunday 9 – Stayed about the cabin all forenoon. Pa came back from Rich Bar and I went to the Point for the purposed of hiring some hands to work in the place of Pa and Dobson but did not get any. Dobson and his company came up with me to the cabin and started for Rich Bar after getting something to eat. Rained a little in the evening. I got a couple of letters for Pa from home.2 Nothing else today.

Monday 10 – Cloudy all day. Rained early in the evening but cleared off about sunset. Pa started for Rich Bar after breakfast. I went to the Point to hire a couple of hands but did not succeed. Came back and went to ground sluicing. I quit a little before sunset on account of the rain. Got wood &c &c. Still alone.

Tuesday 11 – Rained and snowed in the morning. Done no work in the claim. I done some washing of clothes. A couple of men came over to hire out. I gave them $20 per month and board. Rained and snowed in the evening but did not stop work. Ready to get to washing. Nothing more today.

Wednesday 12 – The men came up to go to work set the boxes and went to washing. Did not weigh the gold, all of it. Very cold in the morning.

Thursday 13 – A pretty day. All hands washed, did not weigh the gold. Nothing else today.

Friday 14 – A pretty day. All hands ground sluiced, washed out the patent riffle box and got about $3. Nothing otherwise new today.

Saturday 15 – Nothing interesting today. A pretty day all hands washed today and only took out $37 in four days. The hands went to the Point after supper.

Sunday 16 – I went to the saw mill and looked at them work a while. Also went to the Point but did not stay long. Paid off the hired hands and came back to look at the diggings. All went to the Point after dinner and took some picks to get sharpened. We came back and started for Rich Bar about sunset. Hard walking over the road or mountain. Arrived there about suppertime. Stayed in an old saw mill for a cabin. Nothing else new.

Monday 17 – Done nothing all day but look around the bar. The Shasta boys jumped our claim. Pa and I concluded to leave the bar started after dinner up the volcano mountain. Very hard climbing. Got home after dark the saw mill in full operation at last.

Tuesday 18 – Cloudy pretty much all day. Rained all evening. Went up the ditch and stayed until sunset. Repaired the ditch in several places and got as much water as the ditch would carry. Went in the other cabin after supper and stayed until bed time. Nothing else today.

Wednesday 19 – Found it raining in the morning and continued until noon. It cleared off but commenced again after dinner a while and continued until morning, I suppose. Done no work in the forenoon except fixing some shovels. Ground sluiced in the evening with a large head of water. Very windy after supper. Nothing else today.

Thursday 20 – Rained and snowed all day. Went up the ditch in the forenoon to turn off some water so as not to break the ditch at this end. Got very wet and cold. Worked a little while after dinner but it commenced raining very hard and we quit. Came home and mended some shirts.

Friday 21 – Snow from six to nine inches deep. Rained and snowed nearly all day. Yank came up in the morning and stayed until noon. I took a good nap before dinner. Commenced a letter to Georgetown, then went out and worked a little in the evening, ground sluicing. Got wet and cold, thought a great deal about home.

Saturday 22 – Clear and beautiful all day. Snow melting very fast. Went to the Point after breakfast. I saw Dobson; he hired a man to work his interest on the shares. I bought a pair of gum boots for $10. Felt uneasy on account of the change in company. Nothing else today.

Sunday 23 – A mistake made in the day; read the lower column first. Cold and cloudy today, snow not melting much. Ground sluiced all day in some blue mud very tough indeed. Wrote a little in a letter. No more.

Monday 24 – Clear and pretty in the forenoon but rained towards night. Harvey came up to work Dobson’s interest but did not wash any. I went to the Point after work for some candles. Yank came up with me from the saw mill. Done no work in the forenoon but ground sluiced in the after.

Tuesday 25 – Found it snowing in the morning very fast. Went to work cutting a ditch and turning the water out out of the ravine for the purpose of washing snow melted off about noon but continued off and on all day. Gillingham came to the cabin and stayed  until after dinner, set the boxes and got ready for washing. Dobson still at Rich Bar. Worked on my gum boots a little after supper. Nothing else.

Wednesday 26 – Clear but very cold in the morning. Pa and myself washed today and took out $28. Nothing else of interest today.

Thursday 27 – Cloudy pretty much all morning but cleared off about noon and remained so all day. Washed again today: $122. Dobson is still at Rich Bar. Worked hard all day. Nothing else today of interest.

Friday 28 – Cloudy a little all day but pleasant. Rained after dinner a little and continued until night. Washed all day and took $81.

Saturday 29 – Rained all day by spells. Washed today and took out $8 and Dobson not back yet. Nothing else today, I believe.

Sunday 30 – Found it raining and snowing in the morning. Yank came up to play chess. Pa went to the Point after dinner. I done considerable washing of clothes today, had a general cleaning up stayed about the cabin all day. Finished soling my gum boots after supper. Dobson not arrived yet from Rich Bar. Nothing else today.

March 1854

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Wednesday 1 – Cold and clear all day. Went up the ditch a piece in the morning to get the water down. Came back and got some wood before dinner. Washed in the after noon and took out about $69—pretty good half days work—one piece weighing $24. Nothing else interesting today.

Thursday 2 – Ground sluiced in the forenoon and washed in the after and took out $21. A beautiful day, clear and sunshiny but pretty cold. Wild geese flying constantly towards the north. Nothing more than usual.

Friday 3 – Nothing new today more than usual. Commenced storming after breakfast and snowed all day. Ground sluiced off some top gravel in the morning and made about $6. Got wood after dinner. Nothing more.

Saturday 4 – Cloudy all day but warmer than usual. Sluice washed all day. Took out $73 nearly all coarse gold. Nothing else today.

Sunday 5 – Clear and pretty in the forenoon but cloudy and warm in the afternoon. Very cold the night of the 4th. Got wood in the forenoon. I commenced a letter home. Went to the Point in the evening to grind a hatchet stopped a while at the new saw mill to examine it closely. No more today.

Monday 6 – Cloudy and cold nearly all day. Sluice washed all day and took out $37. Wrote some in my letter after supper. Nothing else new today.

Tuesday 7 – Nothing particularly new today. Worked hard all day washing and took out $12. Clear pretty day. Yank came up after supper.

Wednesday 8 – Warm and pretty all day. Worked hard all day and took out $47. Nothing else.

Thursday 9 – Another beautiful day. Ground sluiced off some top dirt from under a large tree or log. Worked very hard. Got wet and cold. Yank came up after supper. No more.

Friday 10 – Worked in the forenoon clearing away logs mending boxes &c. Clear in the fore noon. Rained all evening. Stayed in the cabin all evening. Wrote some in my letter after supper. Nothing more today.

Saturday 11 – Warm in the forenoon but clouded up and snowed in the evening. Cut down some trees in the ravine and cleared away the mud so as to set the boxes. Done no work in the evening until late. Moved the boxes from under the bank. Done some washing after dinner. Nothing new today.

Sunday 12 – Clear in the forenoon but windy and a little cloudy in the evening. Went to the Point in the morning and took a letter to be mailed home. Got wood after dinner  also mended my pants.

Monday 13 – Snowed very hard all day steady. Done no work in the forenoon went up to the ditch after dinner to see about the water, found it running out at the middle flume. Started it down as far as the last flume and left it. Snow about three feet deep. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 14 – Snowed all morning stayed in the cabin mending and patching old duds. Went up the ditch after dinner turned warm and rained a little. Got the water down some distance. Mended the ditch &c. Snow about three feet deep but melting fast. Nothing new today.

Wednesday 15 – Clear and pretty in the morning. Went up the ditch in the forenoon to throw out the snow. Worked until nearly noon and got the water down to the little ditch. Went to the diggings after dinner and sluiced out some mud. Clouded up late in the evening, looked like rain or snow. Nothing else.

Thursday 16 – Clear in the forenoon. Went to McDonald’s cabin for some hose and brought them up to the diggings. Had a hard time getting through the snow. Ground sluiced off some top dirt in the evening and set the boxes for washing.

Friday 17 – Clear and pretty all day. Snow melting very fast. Washed all day and took out about $12. Nothing otherwise new today.

Saturday 18 – Another pretty day. Snow going off very fast. Took out about $18 today. Got very cold towards night but turned warm about day.

Sunday 19 – Rained a little in the morning but cleared off and was a fine day. Cut wood nearly all day. Went over to the diggings to turn the water out of the ravine &c &c.

Monday 20 – Cloudy but warm and pleasant all day. Ground sluiced some dirt that caved in and cleared away some away some brush and also a large stump that fell in the ravine. Got wet and cold. One year today since I landed at San Francisco. Nothing more of importance today.

Tuesday 21 – A pretty day, cool towards evening. Ground sluiced some mud away in the forenoon and washed in the evening. Took out one ounce today.

Wednesday 22 – Another beautiful day, snow melting very fast. Bank and mud caved in the ravine. Getting logs and stumps out of the way. Nothing more today.

Thursday 23 – Went to the Point in the morning for a saw and axe handle. Sawed nearly all evening on some logs in the ravine. Worked hard all evening and got wet and cold. Seen the new saw mill going up on the branch.

Friday 24 – Another fine day, clear and warm. Still clearing away logs stumps &c. Worked hard all day. Got wet as usual. Pat Curley come to the diggings after dinner to find out what he could. Nothing more today.

Saturday 25 – Warm but cloudy nearly all day. Still getting out stumps &c. Set the boxes and washed in the evening and took out 6$. Snow melting off very fast.

Sunday 26 – A warm pretty day. All of us went to the Point I saw Gildersleeve the great running man. Took dinner with A.I. McDonald felt very badly in mind; felt uneasy about something. Stopped a while at the new saw mill. Davies and co were moving into the other cabin near ours while his mill was going up. Dobson stayed at the Point all night.

Monday 27 – Warm and pleasant in the forenoon but clouded up and turned cold in the evening. Pa and myself worked all day washing and took out __. Dobson not back yet. Nothing more new today.

Tuesday 28 – Cloudy all day. Washed a little in the morning but Dobson came home and brought eight letters for us one from Lizzie1 and 2 from Ma2. Washed in the evening and 2 of us took out about $19. We had a confab about the diggings. Dobson talked about quitting. Letters dated January 24th, 8th and 18th.

Wednesday 29 – Cloudy nearly all day. Rained a little in the morning and after dinner. Two of us washed all day and took out $15. Dobson did not work. Very windy after supper. Took cold from getting wet. Nothing more today.

Thursday 30 – Rained nearly all forenoon but cleared up in the evening. Ground sluiced all day and only made $7. Bedrock rising fast in the ravine. Hetrich came up early in the morning to see some of the men in the other cabins.

Friday 31 – Cloudy pretty much all day. Ground sluiced all day to find the proper channel. Worked on Dobson’s shovel after supper.

February 1854

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Wednesday 1 – Went to work with a good head of water in the foot of the rich ravine. Ground sluiced all day. Feet wet and cold all day. Another pretty day. The snow is melting very fast. Willman and Inman came up while we was at work in the evening but did not stay long. No more today.

Thursday 2 – Cloudy a little all day. Sluiced in the same place. Came to the bedrock about noon. Got a pretty good prospect on the bedrock. Feet wet and cold all day. Snow melting but little today. Nothing otherwise today.

Friday 3 – Still at work in the same ravine ground sluicing. Cloudy all day and rained a little about noon, but none to signify. Also a little after supper. Saw several lion tracks crossing our path. Nothing else today.

Saturday 4 – Rained all day, a little, and melted the snow very fast. Worked in the forenoon carrying sluices and setting them for the purpose of trying a place in the ravine. Got wet through and very cold. Done no mining. In the evening washed some clothes &c &c. Pa went to the Point and got a couple of letters for him and me from home dated November 281 and 29.2 I cut Dobson’s hair after tea. No more.

Sunday 5 – Rained from morning until nearly night and turned to snowing hard. All of us went to McDonald’s cabin in the morning but he was not at home. Came by the willow ranch and stopped a while. Phillips and his partner came up with us and stayed the rest of the day and played chess cards &c &c. Got some late papers from the ranch. Nothing else today.

Monday 6 – One year today since I left the little town of G. Sluiced washed all day in the same ravine. Made about $11 today, the three of us. A dark cloudy rainy day. Got wet and ripped my old coat to pieces and altered it after supper, but did not finish it. Nothing unusual today.

Tuesday 7 – Nothing new today. A clear beautiful day. Snow melting fast. Sluice washed today and made $23—doing a little better. Sewed a little on my coat after supper. Thought about leaving the diggins and going somewhere else.

Wednesday 8 – Clear and pretty until towards dark. Clouded up and looked like rain. Sluice washed in the forenoon and took out about $34. One piece weighing $29. Sluiced off the top dirt in the evening. Sewed on my coat after supper.

Thursday 9 – Cloudy all day and looked like rain. Windy in the afternoon. Still ground sluicing. Worked very hard all day. Rained after supper a little. Finished my coat after supper. Nothing more new today.

Friday 10 – Commenced raining in the morning and continued all day steady. Ground sluiced all day in the rain, very heavy wash. Met some prospectors as we came from dinner and set our sluices for washing. Towards night got very cold from getting wet feet. Nothing more than usual.

Saturday 11 – Very cold all day, although the sun shone beautifully. Set the boxes and washed some in the forenoon. Washed all evening and took out about $9—a poor day’s work. Snowed a little the night of the 10th. Nothing else today.

Sunday 12 – Snowed and stormed all day. All of us went to the Point to get picks sharpened. Seen the saw mill that is to run by hand power but it was not finished. A great many miners at the Point today from all parts of the river creek.

Monday 13 – Clear but cold all day, snowed a little also. Washed a little in the morning but the bank caved in and broke a couple of our boxes. We were all the evening moving the rubbish. Made about $10 today.

Tuesday 14 – Clear and cold all day. Still sluice washing—made $24. Dobson panned out $28 at one pan—pretty good panning. Yank came up after supper, stayed awhile and played chess. Nothing otherwise new today.

Wednesday 15 – Clear and cold in the morning but clouded up in the evening and snowed a little. Washed today and took out $24.

Thursday 16 – Cold and cloudy all day. Looked like rain or snow. Still sluice washing. Took out $16—not as good as usual. Snow melting a little in the sun.

Friday 17 – Clear, warm day. Still washing. Made $28. Worked very hard all day. Cloudy in the evening, looked like rain. Nothing else today.

Saturday 18 – A clear beautiful day. Cleared off a place for the purpose of ground sluicing. Worked hard all day; cut a ditch through it in the evening. Nothing else today.

Sunday 19 – Snowed a little all day. Got wood in the morning. Gillingham came over to the cabin but did not stay long. I went to the Point with a pick in the evening and stopped a while at the new saw mill. Yank came up and stayed all evening and half the night. Nothing more.

Monday 20 – Nothing interesting today. Cloudy all day and looked like rain. Found the bank caved in and broke one box badly. Ground sluiced all day and got wet and cold,  worked in water and blue mud up to my knees all day. No more.

Tuesday 21 – Nothing new today. Cloudy all day and snowed a little all day until night and turned to rain. Ground sluiced all day and got wet and cold snow still on the ground. Put the riffles in the boxes in the evening to see if there was any gold in the top gravel, got but little.

Wednesday 22 – Snowed wet and heavy all day. Done no work today. Stayed in the cabin all day, washed and patched my old clothes. Yank came up about noon and stayed until night. Pa was a little sick after supper.

Thursday 23 – Snowed in the morning but cleared off about noon and was a beautiful day. Washed today and made about $40. Yank came up about dark to play chess. Nothing more today of consequence.

Friday 24 – Nothing new today. Washed again today and took out $9. The snow is melting a little today. Worked very hard all day. Yank came up after supper to play chess.

Saturday 25 – Snowed all day very hard. Washed in the forenoon and got wet and cold; worked in mud and mire and took out $3. Got up wood in the evening. Thought a great deal about old times past and gone. Nothing more today.

Sunday 26 – Snowed and stormed all day. Stayed about the cabin all day. Pat Dobson went to the Point in the morning. Yank came up and stayed awhile, also came up after supper to play chess. Mended my boots &c &c. Nothing otherwise new today.

Monday 27 – Rained a while in the morning and turned to snow and continued all day. Went to the ravine near the Willow Ranch3 after our new patent riffle box for the purpose of altering it a little. Stayed in the cabin otherwise all day. Nothing else today.

Tuesday 28 – Clear and cold all day. Snow about three feet deep. Set the boxes for working went up the ditch in the evening to see about the water. We started it down. Dobson and myself cut down a large pine tree for wood &c.

May 1858

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Saturday 1 – We went out to diggins. I made a riffle. We reset the boxes and put another in. While we were fixing the boxes some three new miners came to us. They wanted to work for hire or dig for themselves. So, I let William Davenport sit in as a partner. We cleaned up at noon. We got gold about $15.
I fixed up and started for the American Valley. I wore a pair of gun slippers so as not to have to carry another pair of boots back. By so doing I blistered my feet. I arrived in good time. My wife was at the old house yet, but fixing to go to the tavern to eat supper. We soon did so and took up our lodgings there also.

Sunday 2 – All seems to be going on in the same way, but I am at a loss living at the American Hotel as my wife is proprietress, and our house locked up looks rather deserted. I am made to feel very sad on account of poverty. Will it never alter in my time? I’ve moved often enough.

Monday 3 – My wife is very busy getting dinner for the public, as the grand jury is coming in town. At noon the bell was rung. Quite a number was to dine.

P.M. I handed in my report as overseer of road section number 13 and also my resignation from that post of honor. I collected $12 more in road tax and levies, minus $18. I settled with Tom Carter. He wants to call it even.

Tuesday 4 – Breakfast over, I got ready, shouldered a sack full of one thing and another—a hoe, my rifle and shot pouch, and powder horn, and my old hickory cane—and set out a foot for my diggins. I arrived there at noon after having stopped on the road from Illinois Ranch to my cabin, it being 6 miles less 300 yards. The boys were getting dinner. It over, we went out to work and got gold, some $10 or $12.

Wednesday 5 – I and Mac is alone. We were out in good time. We cleaned up the rest of the boxes, and turned a head of water into another. We was cleaning up bedrock the rest of the day. Got some 2 ounces of gold I suppose, much to the pleasure of Mac.
Before noon our William came to the cabin and got his kit and wardrobe and left  without letting us know about it. After supper I gave my check shirt a cold water rinse and hung out to dry.

Thursday 6 – Mac was mining all day. I went up Nelson Creek and bought some hose and pipe. I gave $20 for it, and I sold what dust I had on hand. It amounted to $82. I also got 40 yards canvas at 65 cents per yard, some beeswax, needles and a palm to sew with. I got to the cabin in the afternoon. I went out to help Mac clean up. We got some $20 in dust, as near as I can guess.

Friday 7 – Mac went down to the Point, got 12 pounds beef and a bottle of ground pepper,  returned, and went to mining. I was making a hose today. Later I went out and helped Mac clean up two boxes and got gold, I guess, about $8. Jake Jourdon came to see if I would let him work with us. I agreed to it.

Saturday 8 – Early in the morning Jake was up with his pick and shovel, so we concluded to repair the chimney. Mac and Jake went at it. I was sewing on hose.

P.M. Mac started for the valley and still later John came over on a horse after me. I concluded to go over and left Jake to take care of the cabin, &c.

Sunday 9 – All’s well. My wife is getting along as well as could be expected. She dislikes to be a lone, or without me. It can’t be helped.
The grand jury closed its session last night at 10:00 P.M., and at about 2:00 P.M. I, Mac and Bill Mackmanaway started for the cabin. We were there before sun down and had supper. Then the two Macs went down to the Point to get some blankets. Bill and I ran some bullets for my revolver, as there is a good deal of excitement about the Indians of late out at Honey Lake. 1and thereabouts.

Monday 10 – The Macs went to sluicing, I to making hose, and Jake to knocking old boxes to pieces. We also did some packing of boxes. I got done sewing one seam of the new hose. Jake helped me to turn it.

Tuesday 11 – The Macs were sluicing this A.M. In the P.M. they cleaned up and got gold. Jake made two sluice boxes in the A.M. After, he went down to Point after some grub. I was making hose.

Wednesday 12 – The Macs is cleaning up for gold. Jake is making flume boxes to conduct water to the pen stock. In the P.M. he went down to Point after nails. I finished the new hoes. The boys got some gold.

Thursday 13 – The Macs are cleaning up. They get gold every day. Jake is making flume boxes. He finished by noon. I cut open and sewed up some 10 feet of old hose by noon. After, I and Jake fixed four boxes to clean up about the cabins that were burned. We cut a small ditch and soon had the water running through the boxes. I put in some dirt.

Friday 14 – Bill did not work this forenoon. Nealy was cleaning up. I and Jake was cleaning up around my old cabin and got some gold.

P.M. I was panning it out. Jake was cutting poles to put up the flume. We all carried a box this afternoon. McNealy went down to the Point. He got back about dark. There was $11.37 in gold about the burnt cabins.

Saturday 15 – The Macs put up the lead boxes to the pen stock and dug a ditch. John came over with 100 pounds flour and 115 pounds of potatoes. We got gold this week $50.37 in all. Mac made a stool. Jake put up a bunk. I made a lead box.

Sunday 16 – The Macs went a-prospecting. I and Jake went out to the diggins. We got the picks and took them to the blacksmith’s. We had three sharpened and a hoe mended at the cost of $2. We went down to Point. I settled with Fox and paid him $45.37 for goods previously gotten, and $7 for Bill Mcmanaway, and $20 for John. We then got $23.50 worth of grub that is to be paid for. Mac came down and helped me pack them home. We left Jake down there playing at cards. I saw four more of the Maston family fresh from Mississippi to the American Valley.

Monday 17 – Jake and Mac cleaned up. They’ve done well. I and Bill were cutting ditches and fixing to pipe in the A.M. In the P.M we got at it, but have not a big enough head of water.

Tuesday 18 – We went out to work, but found that we had not water enough to pipe. So, I let the boys have a sluice head to run off top dirt. We took a cold dinner and all four went up the ditch and repaired it, took a box out of it, stopped the break, and mended up the flume, &c.

Wednesday 19 – We took some rags up the ditch to caulk the flume and threw out the rocks and shoveled out the dirt in places. By noon we had the water running down again and Jake helped the water in the ditch to bring the sluice box down to the diggins, but it was raining too hard. So, we left off and went to cabin and got dinner. We all stayed in as it continued to rain in the evening.

Tuesday 20 – Jake and Mac was sluicing down this forenoon. In the P.M. we were shoveling in for pay. I and Bill put two sluice boxes in ahead of the rest in the cut. Later we piped down. It rained with sunshine all day at intervals. No gold today.

Friday 21 – Sun up. Jake got breakfast as usual. That over, we—I and Bill—went to piping down. We tried our boxes for gold at noon but got none, so I closed work at this place at night. Jake and Mac got gold today and finished the place In the P.M. they moved down to another spot.

Saturday 22 – We all four worked at the same place sluicing down. Got some gold in the A.M. After did not work. John came over by noon and led Carter’s mare for me to ride over to Quincy, which I did this P.M.

Sunday 23 – At the American Ranch Hotel with my wife and John. All’s well. Not much doing in the way of hotel keeping. I spent the day in talking politics and so on. It rained quite a shower at Quincy yesterday evening before I got there.

Monday 24 – I gave John $60 to pay off Manges in Marysville. I got a letter from him and H.P. stating there was yet due $55. I then left for the mines on foot in company with four others and carried a large rope, we got over before noon and took dinner. I and David Thurington went up the ditch and up the mountain on the snow hunting for the blue lead. We brought home a mess of wild onions.
It rained quite a shower before we all went to bed. The boys we sluicing down today, but got no gold.

Tuesday 25 – Bill said he was sick and started for the American Valley. I gave him $5. Jake and Mac went to mining. I went down to the Point with Fox. I paid him for $37 for grub and sold him $48.37 cents worth of dust and got two bottles of brandy at the cost of $1.50. I came upon Roots on the hill and had to go to his mill to get a chisel and came home by noon. After grinding it, I made a windless.2 The boys got a little gold today.

Wednesday 26 – The boys are out mining, I finished the windlass and put on the rope with the tub. I made stool and so on by noon. It is still raining.

P.M. It continued much harder. the boys did not go out to work. I made another stool.

Thursday 27 – I, Jake and Mac were all out mining this forenoon. The picks are broke and dull. In the P.M. I took them down to the Point and had four upset and sharpened. I paid the smith $5. The boys were mining and got some gold —

Friday 28 – I went down with Root to see his claims on the Feather River opposite the old Bray diggins. We got the color in every pan, and once three, so we went down to the Point. I got four pounds sugar and 11 1/2 pounds beef and got home by noon. The boys had been out mining.

P.M. I made a pick handle and was to help them the rest of the day. We got gold.

Saturday 29 – Mac is at work by himself, as I and Jake is prospecting some old holes near the cabin. In the first one we could get the color every pan of the bedrock. The second we have got the water out off. We are now getting dinner.
After, Mac helped us. We got the mud out by hard tugging and got some gravel off the bedrock, but not the right kind. It has some gold in it, but I fear not enough to make it pay. So says Jake.

Sunday 30 – We indulged ourselves in lying in our bunks till late, but, breakfast over, we all set out—I and Jake for the Point and Mac up the Feather River to see some diggins. We stayed all day at the Point. I gave $1 to Pike for billiards.

Monday 31 – We all took the windlass and things belonging and carried it up on the reservoir flat and picked out a place to sink a shaft. I set to work at it myself. Jake and Mac went down to the diggins to set sluice boxes and clean up some bedrock. They got some gold and one piece about $10 by noon.

P.M. Jake was to help me sink the hole and Mac is by himself sluicing down. Dick was over to see me yesterday. All’s well. I saw a man by the name of Berry on Sunday last, that was well acquainted with W.G. in Iowa.

James Haun Diary, November 1854

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Wednesday 1 – Cool and clear. I and the Johns got gold $35.50. Shaw and Lawrence got $5 in the last three days. They are a-going to move their boxes in the morning to a new place.

Thursday 2 – I and the Johns got gold $77.50. Shaw and Lawrence is at work in the foot of the same ravine that we are. They are running a cut in to strike the bedrock. The weather is clear, and not so cool as it was, and very pleasant indeed, and calm.

Friday 3 – Delightful weather. I and the Johns got gold $199.50, one piece with a hole in it  weighs 5 3/4 oz and $.50. That will do good enough. Shaw and Lawrence is still working at the foot of the ravine. They will put in boxes tomorrow to see if there is gold to be had, &c. —

Saturday 4 – Warm and clear, very pleasant. I and John were sluicing off. We gold gold $2. In the P.M. Lloyd rocked out the box that we panned out at the house and got gold $39.50. We washed out the sand bottle and got $6.50, in all $38.50.
Shaw and Lawrence has run a deep cut in the same ravine that we are at work in down, at the foot. They got some gold but it was not weighed.

Sunday 5 – Shaw and Lawrence went over to the American Valley early. While there, they saw a Mexican that had helped to kill three Chinamen on Friday night last. The other Mexican got away.1
I and John fixed up our fireplace and daubed some of the cracks. Late in evening, big Das came by to sell me the sawmill. He said he was a-going to start home in the morning. I did not buy it. We divided out $97 to the sluice box.
My lesson is the 5th Chapter, First Epistle General of Peter.

Monday 6 – Before day I and John started to the American Ranch to attend court. The sun had just rose before we got there. The court was in session. About noon my case was called, but was laid over for Vaughn, and finally postponed until tomorrow for his witnesses. John and I went over to Sister Betsey’s where we stayed all night. For supper lodging and breakfast $4.

Tuesday 7 – We went back to court early, but it was near noon before court opened. Five witnesses were examined for Vaughn and one for me. The case was argued and submitted and a verdict brought in against me. I and John then started for home. The sun had quite set. We traveled most of the way in the dark, as the moon had not rose. We put ourselves through in good time. I paid for our dinners yesterday $2, and paid Buck $1.50 for milk. A balance for the company.

Wednesday 8 – Up before day as usual. Did some mending on my pants. Called John. We got breakfast and then went to mining.
A warm pleasant day. John and I went to piping. We got gold $28.50. Lloyd and Lawrence have been at work since Monday in the foot of the ravine and have got but little gold. Shaw started below on Monday about noon on business.
I put a piece of blanket on the foot of my socks to make them stand winter use, &c.

Thursday 9 – I and John had to reset our boxes and fix up the riffles. It was near noon by the time we got ready for washing. After noon we let on the water. I was washing away tailings. We got gold $23. Lloyd and Lawrence done better. The gold is not weighed yet.

Friday 10 – Last night I dreamed that I picked up a quantity of gold, several large pieces, until I had filled my pants pockets and vest pockets, &c.
The weather is delightful. I’ve not experienced a solitary gale of wind, to say nothing of a storm, since I’ve been in California. It is calm and still. John and I got gold $37. Lloyd and Lawrence have not weighed. Cool nights and warm days. A man wanted to sell turnips at $8 per hundred— we can’t afford it.

Saturday 11 – I and John cleaned up the boxes and got gold $9. We then fixed for sluicing off the top dirt and tailings. In the afternoon Deputy Sheriff Neal came and levied on my diggins and tools &c. but he left without taking any of the things away because I said that Shaw would take charge of my share of the money that would be taken out for a few days. One of our boxes got injured by a fork breaking down from the weight of rock and gravel stopping in them.

Sunday 12 – Early, after breakfast, Lawrence and I went down to the Point to see if there was any letters. We did not get any. We came home to dinner.

P.M. I did some mending on John’s pants. I suppose it was near midnight last night that I dreamed that my wife had come. I thought she came out to where I was at work and said, I’ve come. I thought I said, I did not expect you so soon, &c. John mailed a letter to his ma this evening. My lesson is the first chapter of Revelations. The letter cost 25 cents. Black thread, 25 cents.

Monday 13 – I and John were out sluicing. Just at noon the hose busted. I went down to the Point and got two needles gave to me. I went home and mended the hose and we went to work again. I am up late tonight, &c. Just ate supper. I mended the pants John brought from Kentucky. I lined them and put two large patches in front and one behind. They have all gone to bed and had a good sleep. I eat and sleep when it suits me, and no one to complain.

Tuesday 14 – Shaw came from Onion Vally, a distance of 7 miles, before sunrise. I John and Shaw worked together, and an Englishman that came up with Shaw worked with us. He said he would work for us for grub. We got gold $6.
I set up late mending my shirt. I mended the sleeves and put a cover on the back, all over.

Wednesday 15 – Beautiful weather, cool nights and warm days, though it was somewhat cloudy today. I, John, Shaw and the Englishman got gold $33.50. We have been striping off top dirt. Lloyd and Lawrence is still getting gold. They don’t weigh.

Thursday 16 – I dreamed last night of asking Susan Wallace if she would not marry. I thought she told me there was too many pains and aches in a married life. I then dreamed of kissing another woman that I had met in my travels. I forgot who she was &c — Four of us got gold $60. Lloyd and Lawrence is stripping. Beautiful weather.

Friday 17 – Four of us got gold $99.50. Lloyd and Lawrence were stripping &c.

Saturday 18 – I, Shaw and Lloyd started for the American Valley early this morning for the purpose of taking an appeal in the suit with Vaughn. Shaw and Lloyd stood as securities. We took five picks along and had them sharpened, cost $2.75. I paid my lawyer $25 more.
Lawrence and the Englishman worked together, but did not make much. John was at work by himself and took out $97.50, one piece that weighed $55.
It clouded up this morning, but the sun shone at intervals all day. It commenced raining about sunset, though lightly.
I and John are sitting in the cabin taking our ease. He is trying to play a new tune on his fiddle and I’ve wrote this down.

Sunday 19 – Clear and warm. I went down to the Point early and got a letter for John from John Stevens dated October 2nd2 giving an account of Thomas Ridsdale going crazy and his death. Also, the starving condition of the poor in the county and cheapness of young hogs &c. We paid $1 for the letter. We divided our dust for the last two weeks, and we got $211 to our part.
John washed four shirts and one pair drawers. My lesson was Revelations Chapter 15.

Monday 20 – The weather is delightful. Four of us was working together. We’ve hired John Bull at $2 per day. We got gold $58.50. Lloyd and Lawrence is not making much as yet, &c.

Tuesday 21 – Warm and pleasant. We are in the habit of breakfasting by first light and at work by sunrise. Four of us took out $60.50, the other two are stripping.

Wednesday 22 – It commenced drizzling before daylight this morning. We were at our work quite early, and got gold $82.50. It continued to rain a little all day. At 8 o’clock tonight the stairs are shining out again.

Thursday 23 – Cloudy all day but no rain. The four of us got gold $6.50. Lloyd and Lawrence have not made anything this week. The weather is quite warm.

Friday 24 – Cleared off this morning. Warm and pleasant all day. We had the balance of the grub we had engaged sent to us that we, $98 worth. We got gold $54.50.
After supper I and Shaw went down to the Point, but did not get any letters. Something is wrong.

Saturday 25 – Clear and pleasant. We get to work before sunrise, as the days are quite short. Four of us got gold $98.

Sunday 26 – Up before day. Cloudy and rained a little, but a beautiful day. After breakfast Shaw and I went down to the Point. We paid William Limberman $98 for the balance of our grub that was brought up Friday last. We then divided out $83.50 to each share after paying expenses. I paid my lawyer Hunley $25 more, in all $75. Horatio Cross came home with me. We took dinner and walked around our diggins &c. After he left we got some wood. My lesson is the 1st Chapter of Matthew.

Monday 27 – Clear and delightful weather. We all was at work before sunrise, cutting a ditch to halt water seepage and to fill our pipe, and setting boxes in the A.M.

P.M. four of us got gold $21. After supper Lawrence and I went down to the Point, I to see that my papers had been sent by the county clerk for an appearance in the case with Vaughn. They have not been sent —
Paid $1 for whiskey, &c.

Tuesday 28 – I started for the Plumas County Court early. On my arriving I found that my papers has been given the evening before to Russell. I left the seat of county at noon and got home sometime before sunset. Shaw, John and the Englishman got gold $52.50. They found out a channel of gold on the left bank, as we go up. It seems to be quite rich.

Wednesday 29 – Up before day. I washed my socks and feet, they being a little sore from yesterday’s walk. I am making arrangements to be off to Sacramento before sunrise this morning with the Englishman in company. We stopped at the Point, got my papers, and paid the clerk’s fee bill of $32 to Roots. I then paid Squire McNall $5 for is hiring a warrant against Goodshall. We then started up the hill and made Grass Vally. Took dinner at half past one o’clock. Dinner cost $1. We then stopped at Feese, a distance of 33 miles. I did not take supper. It hailed some before I went to bed, &c. Quite cloudy.

Thursday 30 – Breakfast $1. Took dinner at the New York Ranch for $1, and left my Englishman there. This afternoon I saw the pine tree that I, John and my Virginia friend slept under the night 19th June 1853. I put up at the Stanfield Ranch. I covered a distance of 35 to 40 miles today. Supper 75 cents —

James Haun Diary, March 1854

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Wednesday 1 – Real March weather. Snowed a little last night, but fine this morning. We went over to our work but there was no water. We went up the ditch and found the water stopped with snow and ice. We shoveled it away and got the water running down by noon. I dreamed on Monday night last of getting a large quantity of gold. Also, on Tuesday night, of my wife getting baptized again and of seeing her shed tears. I don’t recollect the cause. We went to washing for gold and got $69 this afternoon, and one piece weighing $4, a little upwards. A good half day’s work.

Thursday 2 – Snowed a little last night, but a fine warm day. The top dirt slid down. We was all forenoon getting it out of the way. We got gold $21 this afternoon.

Friday 3 – Cloudy and commenced snowing early and continued all day pretty hard. We washed dirt most of the day and only got gold $6. At noon we packed a lot of wood as we did not want it covered up under the snow. I got up before day and covered the bottom and sides of my old white topped, grey footed socks with some of my old red shirt and that, too, after I had darned them well. I want to keep them as long as I can.

Saturday 4 – Up before day. Commenced snowing before light and snowed a very little in the fore part of the day but the sun shone at intervals in the after part. We got gold $73, one piece weighing $14. I now think there is a pile about here but getting it out is the question. I will be found trying at this for some time to come.

Sunday 5 – Cold this morning but warm and pleasant all day. We turned out and got some wood. I sent John down to the Point to see if there was any letters. None. He ground the hatchet. I made a wooden soup spoon to lift our beans when cooked. We always divide out gold on Sundays. Each one got $56 to our week’s work. My lesson was Chapter 5 of Ephesians. We are all setting around our cabin fire. The Johns are reading novels and I am penning down and the snow hip deep and solid enough to bear.

Monday 6 – Quite cold this morning. A good deal of ice about our boxes. We got to work after punching some of the ice off. Made $37.50. The day was pleasant enough. Supper is over and John is writing a letter to his ma.

Tuesday 7 – Not so cold this morning. Very warm and pleasant all day. We got gold $12.50. I’ve been thinking about my wife coming out to California, and I look up sometimes to see if she ain’t about. Some times at the cabin and while at work I look up to see her. No, no.

Wednesday 8 – Delightful day. The green flies are flying about and the snow is deep.
We got gold $47. We are in good spirits about our diggins. We’ve scarcely made a beginning to work them. I do wish my wife was out here to see the lumps of from $10 to $30 pieces.

Thursday 9 – A beautiful, warm April day in March. The snow is melting fast. Already, the ground is making its appearance in spots and close by the snow is 2 and 3 feet deep. We was ground sluicing today. Did not try to get gold.

Friday 10 – Warm. The snow was melting off the cabin all night last. The south wind is blowing. Warm and pleasant till noon. In the afternoon it clouded up and rained. We were fixing to wash in the fore noon and I mended two broken boxes. We cut a tree down in the afternoon and then knocked off on account of the rain.

Saturday 11 – Snowed last night and all day. We worked at ground sluicing part of the day. The place we are at work at is about 20 feet deep and the dirt and mud keep sliding down. Each one got $33 to his share this week.

Sunday 12 – Cold last night, but a beautiful and warm day. John went down to the Point and mailed a letter to his ma. I washed a shirt and a pair socks and done some needlework in the forenoon and read Chapter 5 of the Epistle General of James. In the afternoon, turned out and cut and packed a lot of wood for the week. It is now getting late, nearly bedtime. The wind is blowing and the snow falling again.

Monday 13 – Snowed all of last night and all of today. After dinner we went up the ditch to assist the water to run down, but the snow was falling too fast and was already too deep in the ditch. We gave it up for a bad job. Waded back to the cabin. The new falling snow was above our knees and still snowing.

Tuesday 14 – Snowed all of last night and at it this morning. I’ve not been out to see the depth. It held up at noon. We got dinner and went up the ditch and stopped the brakes and got the water running down, but the snow is so deep in the ditch that it can’t get along much. I walked in the ditch where it is was about 1 foot deep and the snow up to my head.

Wednesday 15 – Warm and pleasant. In the forenoon we went up the ditch to get the water down. We had to shovel out snow for near 1/2 mile. By noon the water was at the end of the ditch and making its way down the ravine. After dinner we went to the diggins and sluiced down a large pile of top dirt. Just as we finished another pile slid in. It was cloudy and cold this afternoon.

Thursday 16 – Snowed a little last night. But a warm and pleasant forenoon. The Johns went to McDonald’s and borrowed his cotton hose.1 I was cutting away some roots and stumps. After dinner we sluiced down a quantity of dirt and trash and set our boxes for washing.

Friday 17 – Warm and pleasant and the snow melting away fast. We made a commencement to wash for gold. We got $12 after sluicing all the week and part of last week, but it is heavy work to say the least.

Saturday 18 – Warm and pleasant and the snow melting away fast. The evenings and nights are quite cool. We got gold $18. We feel quite sure of doing well next week if the weather is good here.2

Sunday 19 – Rained a little last night and a very little this morning but cloudy or hazy all day. The sun shone out considerable with all and warm and pleasant. I went down to the Point in the afternoon. No letters for us. The express man has not been in for two weeks. So I mailed my 9th letter to my wife and paid 25 cents for carrying it to Marysville, and the same for John’s last Sunday. We got some wood for the balance of the week.

Monday 20 – Warm. The sun shoe at intervals. We were moving top dirt all day, and more to move tomorrow.

Tuesday 21 – Cool last night and clear, a fine pleasant day. We commenced washing just before noon and got gold $6.50. A poor turn out.

Wednesday 22 – Fine and pleasant. Last night a large cedar stump, two large logs, and a quantity of dirt slid down and mashed one of our sluice boxes. Gave us work enough for the balance of the week without washing for gold —

Thursday 23 – Fine morning. Sent John down to the Point to see if there is any letters and get an ax handle, $1, and a crosscut saw. Snow is melting off fast. We sawed up a fine large log and split it and packed it out, and a heap of dirt.

Friday 24 – Warm and pleasant. Another stump slid in today. We took out two today, and one more to get put. The gulch is so deep and pay dirt so shallow it requires a quantity of work to get at the gold. But we have got it almost clear again.

Saturday 25 – Cloudy in the forenoon and clear in the after, and pleasant. We got to washing a little in the evening and got gold $6. I’ve caught a bad cold. I’ve slept cold the last two nights.

Sunday 26 – Another beautiful day and one more week is past, and a hard week’s work it has been to me. I’ve got a bad cold, my head aches powerful.
I look everyday to when I shall see my wife in these mountains. I don’t know why it is so.
We all three went down to the Point. I went mostly to see if there was any letters, but my express man has not been in for three weeks or more, we got none. My lesson this morning was the 9th chapter of Mark. John has gone to his bunk and Dobson has not come home tonight. Something wrong and here I set on a stool, like a fool. Davis and company has moved in the other cabin to be handy to their sawmill on the branch nearby.

Monday 27 – My head did ache last night. I went to bed with it aching and got up so, though I lay with a wet towel on my forehead all night. I and John went to work notwithstanding all my aches, and made a something after. I am weary to night. Dobson is not at home.

Tuesday 28 – Fine day. I and John were at work by our two selves. We took out yesterday $20.50 and today $19. Dobson came home this forenoon and brought us eight letters. He did not work today. We quit work and went to the cabin to read them.
The first I examined was Lizzy’s of January 18543. I take them in rotation–one of date December 20 18534 giving an account of Emma Smith’s being going to get married tomorrow and in want of money, and Jane Graves being in Kentucky, and G. Winte having joined the Baptist Church. One of date January 6 18545 giving an account of your wanting $200 and Izadora Byrns’ love to me. One of date January 15 18546 giving an account of a long talk with Frank Powell, and still in want of that $200. Also Mrs. Larue’s account of C. Asburn shooting a man and being cleared, and L. Offutt and Mrs. Patterson’s marrying tonight. One of date January 22 18547 giving an account of a heavy rain, and Ben Bradley having been South and G. Tucker to be married. I did not get your letter giving account uncle Solomon’s death. This is the first I have received.
The tickets on the burlesque on the main Liquor Law. John’s three letters I have not had to read. It is quite late as I’ve finished taking down dates and notes of letters.

Wednesday 29
– A little rainy, and more expected tonight. I and John got gold $15.

Thursday 30
– A very little showery. In the evening entirely clear. We all three got gold today $7—
My throat is sore from cold, or from getting wet everyday.

Friday 31
– Clear and pleasant. I put a wet towel to my neck last night but my throat is still sore this morning. We went to ground sluicing today.

James Haun Diary, February 1854

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Wednesday 1 – Still pleasant. We went to ground sluicing–hauled on our leaky gum boots, rolled up our sleeves and into the water.

Thursday 2 – Up this morning early and darned a hole in the heel of my old grey sock. We go in our shirtsleeves all day. We had a good head of water to wash off the top snow, and we rolled up our sleeves to get in to it all day.

Friday 3 – Last night three lions passed within 200 yards of out cabin between it and our work, and then late this evening a fourth one came on the track of the three before. We came home from work. Somewhat cloudy this evening. Our work is the same: ground sluicing.

Saturday 4 – Rained moderate today. We set up our boxes after digging them up put of the snow. It is knee deep and hard enough to bear in places. Well if this ain’t cold work on hands! I will say no more.
We quit for the day after getting up the boxes and being wet all over from working in the rain. We were quite late for dinner. After dinner I changed my duds for dry ones and went down to the Point. I got a letter of date 28 November1 for John and one for me of the date 29 November2. It mostly says don’t be discouraged.
Well, if you could see us at work you would have no occasion to write such letters, I think.

Sunday 5 – Rained all night last and all of today. We all went to McDonald’s cabin. He was not at home. I closed tonight by reading from Saint Mark from the 7th chapter —

Monday 6 – Rained and snowed last night; mixed and rained all day. We went to washing out gold, $11.25. This is the first since the middle of December last, and not bad for a start. I made a cape out of the legs of gum boots that kept my shoulders dry all day.

Tuesday 7 – Rained last night. I was up this morning before day. It cleared up at daybreak and sun came out. Beautiful all day. We got gold $23.50, not bad for three of us.
I had some cross words with John this morning. He has got in the habit of telling me that I’m mad if I speak to him in the way of a reprimand. He did not go out to work until I came back after him.

Wednesday 8 – Fine day. Cold last night, some cloudy this evening. We washed for gold this morning for two hours and got $41, one piece weighing $29. Then we went to ground sluicing the rest of day.

Thursday 9 – Some cloudy. Ground sluicing. Commenced raining at bedtime.

Friday 10 – Snowed some last night and rained pretty hard all day. We were ground sluicing, and got wet and cold at that.

Saturday 11 – Rained hard last night and then snowed before day. We got gold $9. It was a beautiful sunshiny day, but cool this evening.

Sunday 12 – Cold last night and cloudy. Snowing this morning very fast and continued all day. About a foot of new fallen snow on the top of the old and hard snow.
All three of us went down to the Point. I mailed my 8th letter to my wife. I paid $3.50 for sharpening two picks, putting steel in one of the ends and drawing them out out of the ends and drawing them out. Out of the company’s money, 50 cents for turpentine for company. Paid Lewis and Roots $17 for John’s boots and letters. I got a blue flannel shirt on credit. It was still snowing at bedtime.

Monday 13 – Snowed some little last night and all of the day, with sunshine at intervals. Cold and Freezing tonight. We got gold today $10.50. The south west side of ravine bank slid down with four small trees on it and split two of our sluice boxes. It took us all the afternoon to right it.

Tuesday 14 – Cold last night and continues to freeze in the shade and where we are at work. Got gold $34.50 our piece weighed $24.50.

Wednesday 15 – Cold last night, but pleasant today, sunshine in the forenoon but cloudy in the after, and snowed a little. We got gold $24.50. We had flapjacks for dinner as bread was scarce.

Thursday 16 – Snowed some last night. The sun shone but it was dim, hazy and cloudy. Today we got gold $16. My shoulders and elbows ache and my hands are rough and cracked.

Friday 17 – Fine day, the wind is from the North East. Got gold $23.50. We think we’ve found diggins that will last for months.

Saturday 18 – Fine and warm day. We cleaned off the trees and bushes for ground sluicing. We cut a ditch and got the water running through. We cleaned out the pattern riffle box and got gold $2.50. I saw a large flock of wild geese going north–what does it mean?

Sunday 19 – Snowed a little last night and is at it today. Some sunshine at intervals. Wild geese going south again. We cut and packed wood. I cut a tree and felled it in front the cabin, close for back logs. My lesson is Acts, Chapter 20.
I sent John down to the Point to have my pick sharpened and see if there was any letters. I took five pills made by Barlow’s receipt last night, as I am out of sorts–rather bilious.

Monday 20 – Cloudy mostly, with a little snow. Wild geese and ducks going north. I took four more pills on going to bed last night and felt rather bad all day, but worked all day at ground sluicing. The bank caved in and smashed one of out boxes badly. We found it so when we went to work this morning.

Tuesday 21 – Snowed a little last night and all day today but melted as it fell. We were ground sluicing but fixed our boxes in the afternoon for catching gold. We saved some but did not weigh it.

Wednesday 22 – Snowed last night and is falling fast this morning, but melts almost as fast as it falls. We did not work. I patched my new red shirt with some of the old one. It snowed hard all day and night following —

Thursday 23 – and was at it this morning, hard, for a while. Cleared off nice and warm. The snow is knee deep again though it melted away and fell off the trees powerful fast. We went to work in the snow and got gold $42.

Friday 24 – Another storm brewing cloudy and cool. Got gold $9. We were ground sluicing in the afternoon, or rather clearing away all day.

Saturday 25 – Commenced snowing before day and is at it still at 9 o’clock. Dobson is mixing up dough and John is cutting off the hock bone of a ham to boil. I’ve just fixed up the fire and noted these little facts while I think and reflect on one that I love and O, how I should like to see her.
We went to work. There was a pile of top dirt slid down last night that we had to move. We shoveled it in the boxes. It snowed on us till 2:00 P.M. when the sun came out and it quit snowing. We was wet, cold and hungry. We got gold $3.50.
Built a good fire changed clothes, ate dinner and then turned out to get wood. I had to shovel off the snow before I could cut a back log. It commenced snowing in a short time and continued till night.
Now after dark. Dobson baking bread. John cleaning out his tin kettle to cook a mess of beans and I have just read from the 5th to the 10th chapter of First Corinthians, and am now noting this down, that I may see how the time has passed.

Sunday 26 – Snowed all night and all day. Dobson and I went down to the Point. I paid Roots $4 for a long handled shovel, 75 cents for 2 pounds nails, and paid the smith $1 for sharpening a pick. I expected to get a letter but the mail had not come in. We waded back through the snow in places. I broke through and it was up between my knees and hips.
It is not cold, nor has been for the quantity of snow that is on the ground and falling so often. It melts away nearly as fast as it falls. The wind blows but little compared to other places and the days are nearly always warm.
I shall read a chapter or two and then go to bed, as it is late.

Monday 27 – Rained and snowed all of last night and continued this morning until 10 o’clock, and then it snowed till after night. Yes, it fell faster than I ever saw before. It is more than hip deep.
We brought in our new patten riffle box. I made some alterations. That was all we done today. It continued snowing till after dark and I can’t say how much longer.

Tuesday 28 – Cold this morning. We waded through the snow and carried our new patent riffle box to where we intend to work, as it was a fine sunshiny, warm morning. We fixed the boxes till noon and then went up the ditch in several places. We cleared off the snow and mended the broken places and got the water to running in the ditch.